Brutality of WordPress


Lovely people of blogosphere,  I’ve been issuing comments on your wonderful sites but once again heavens have conspired and I am blocked forever and  banished in your spams, in some cases I am exiled from spams as well. Endure this moment of great WordPress travesty with me, look up in skies and down in your spams and witness any hint or clue of my transient comments. Till the time we are on this mortal Earth dealing with Herculean  tragedies and brutalities of WordPress, Sirs and Madams, I urge you to bear with me in this moment of great catastrophe. Let’s  play the victory conchs and we shall be triumphant, till my last breath I promise I’ll keep commenting!! We shall meet in the new world sans spam folders but  till then behold your faces up in skies in northern  lights or down in raven  gorges  of your spams and rescue me or else I’ll be drowned as tempests are coiling!


74 thoughts on “Brutality of WordPress”

  1. I can understand your frustration as I have gone though the same but the way you have turned your frustration yet again with your poetic talent is commendable. Hope it gets resolved soon.
    Till them I’m always keeping a close eye on my spam folder.

    1. Thanks dear, it’s frustrating to read, relish comment and then disappear 😂😂let’s hope it gets sorted out!

    1. I hope my friend otherwise remember you met poor old woman once who just yearned for luxuries in life, !!

    1. I did honey let’s see, good for me though instead of hooking on to blogging I went for shopping after a long time!

  2. Oh WordPress, your venom seeps like the poison in the ears of Hamlet’s father as he slept or the venom in the soul of Lady MacBeth as she convinced her husband to murder Duncan and seize the Scottish crown for himself.

    1. Ha ha very true, you expressed it very literary, I tried to comment on your wonderful posts but to no avail, comments keep disappearing!

  3. Comments becoming lost in ‘spam’ is not a new issue. WordPress is computerized and therefore a machine.
    Machines have problems. it’s up to people to solve them.
    To remedy this issue occasionally look in spam for any familiar comments until they no longer appear.

    1. That makes sense Eddie because time and again it happens but like you said we should keep an eye on spam folder! These technologies have a brain of their own! 🙂 thanks for solving this mystery 🙂

    1. What option do I have Shantanu, then to laugh at miseries.. two options we have either cry or laugh. I cant cry I already have enough dark-circles.

      1. Well to tell you the truth Shantanu, I actually do suffer from frequent migraines and eye strains, makes it hard to read and write also crying makes it bad!!

      1. Can’t help. Write to WordPress . Guess that’s all you can do . Btw can we collaborate ? I mean you are miles ahead in terms of poetry but still

  4. I checked and had no comments from you in spam. Keep pressing on – we know how conscientious you are in providing comments. The post I published today was written and published on Friday but it never published. I’m not sure if it was WordPress or my own lack of follow-up. Technology is wonderful when it works right. You are appreciated. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ron, for your comforting words in this moment of grief…if things don’t work, just remember you once met an old woman who loved to talk and eat…:) and shop, and many more luxuries….

      1. Bless your heart, Tanya. You’re certainly not old and we all love to talk and eat – shop as well and enjoy luxuries too. We’re right there with you. 😉

    1. Thanks the issues seems to be resolved now that I am able to post comments, thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Worst thing about WordPress now is that my posts no longer automatically post to my other social media sites.

    1. Hmm I know WordPress is not perfect and lately causing lotany issues, it’s hard to fix such impediments and frustrating!

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