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Rendezvous With Mrs.Kim

A rare rendezvous with one Mrs. Kim

Oh boy!  Oh boy!

how she liked to gleam,

nevertheless, of what weather was like

life for her was always a joy-ride.


She liked to ballet and way she moved

the gloomy northern winds also grooved

an enchantress of some exquisite kind

she sure was a sultrous a real dyme


She was always the talk of the town

humble men besotted gave her a crown

cruel fate never made her back down

her tale was not the happy kinds


Mrs. Kim’s man had never been found

he went far-off never to turn around

left her no shillings not even a single dime


Then they were those who frowned

yet roamed in expensive gowns

plagued for pleasures they lacked


As for Mrs. Kim, she just laughed till

her heart’s desire with never any ill will

and lived a life, full of child’s thrill


A rare rendezvous with Mrs. Kim

Oh boy! Oh boy!

how she liked to gleam.

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