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Neat Satin Silhouettes

Neat satin silhouettes
narrates a mundane tale
of tireless nights filled
with loops and knits

Days make sense
doing dirty chores
frantic zig-zag
of mood swings

Mischievous curves
embraces salty sweat
carnal desires rebuked
suffered a psychosis

Psychedelic talks
in realms of fantasy
burden of one ruby
ceases any chance

Refuged in verses
of random erotica
eerie silence
possesses sheets

Gaunt couch
joint residuals

Stale stench 
hovers ceilings 
echoes denial!!





26 thoughts on “Neat Satin Silhouettes”

    1. Thanks a lot dear, I-feel humbled! Poem is all about love and passion😊I’m so glad you liked it!

    1. Good morning Eddie, spot on it was a surrender. Thank you my friend for your generosity! Blessings!

  1. Intriguing. I read it three times for in-depth meaning. So the mood swings and chores take away the sensual, creating a less desire, although taking a refuge in that which stimulates creates a renewed energy and desire. Just guessing. 😉

    1. Ron, it’s about a woman who is longing for affection and some love, while filling her times with mundane chores and psychedelics! Neat satin symbolizes bed!

      1. 🙂 Thanks Tanya. Isn’t it interesting how each mind picks up certain things allowing the creativity to flourish. Maybe the love and affection can be brought by one who learns of her longing and picks her up from the mundane chores of life – creating a bright glow through the satin.

  2. Absolutely true, the realities of life are not fancy but mundane but ordinare can be made extraordinary through little words of love and compassion.

    1. Thanks a lot for your generosity, I am truly humbled. I enjoy your writing a lot, I must take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful writer you are.

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