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Mindful Breathing

The art of mindful breathing is the acute awareness of the present while focussing on the breathing. A single breath can give or take life. Mindful breath is being conscious of the breath and its significance. It doesn’t require any quiet corner or mantra chanting but only awareness of one’s breathing. Concentrate on the exhaling and inhaling of the breath and dwell in the present moment. Science has proven that mindful breathing alters the working of a brain by clearing of any unwanted memories or thoughts. In the field of psychology, mindfulness plays an important role, where it has been popular with both clinical and no clinical patients. It is embracing the present without any doubt or fear. Isn’t it miraculous that something as simple as breath can have such positive results?

What Is Mindful Breathing?

Mindful breathing is focusing your attention on the breath by carefully observing it without being judgemental.  There are no fixed postures or any elaborate rituals to do the breathing neither any specific space or time. You can either do it at home, office or in a crowded place and customize according to your comforts. A minimum of five minutes of the mindful breathing every day can yield blissful results.  It also helps one deal with feelings of anxiety and rage by channeling the negative emotions. Mindfulness can trace its origins to Hinduism and Buddhism, where its an integral part of the religious and spiritual practices. It has been used for centuries as part of prayers to enhance spiritual awareness.

The Science of Mindful Breathing

Regular practice of mindful breathing can have extraordinary benefits on the human mind and body. Breathing is crucial for human existence but if done with an awareness one can reap many advantages by drastically increasing the quantity of oxygen in the cells. Conscious breathing helps to clear the mind of clutter; It’s all about living in the moment by paying attention to the pattern of breathing. It reduces mental stress, enhances self-awareness and balances emotions. Stress and anger can greatly impair our judgments and skills but when you do deep breathing, you oxygenate the blood, which causes the brain to release endorphins. These endorphins bring down the level of stress and pain in the body. There are mindfulness-based therapy programs which are aimed at treating depression and anxiety.

How to Do Mindful Breathing?

Find a clean and comfortable spot to practice. The lotus pose is considered an ideal position as it helps to focus. Close your eyes and gently focus your attention on your breathing. Observe the rise and fall of your breaths. You don’t need any chanting or a prayer. Focus your mind on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. Mind being wild will wander off in different directions, gently bring it back to the breathing. Merely observe the vibrations and movement within the body, without being judgmental.

In conclusion, mindful breathing is not a rocket science; it’s all about living in the present and embracing it. In the world of bottle-neck competition, where every second person is down or low, a pure breath can do wonders.

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