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Are Healing Practices Only A Myth

“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

Recently, I’ve discovered a new interest in alternative healing methods. Although I’ve my own doubts about the claims of such techniques nonetheless it’s fascinating. One such technique that has caught my eye is Reiki. My cousin introduced me to Reiki and its many benefits. The practice originated in the east by Mikao Usui and centers around the healing power of palms. The life energy travels from the palms to the other parts of the body.  Reiki involves laying on of hands to heal.  The act of laying hands on self or human to relieve pain is an ancient technique used in Tibetan Buddhism. The palm radiates heat which is the life-force or the life-energy itself. The mild warmth emanating from the palms provides healing.

Is It Merely A Placebo Effect?

There are many successful healing stories around reiki. There have been claims of exceptional tales of healing of serious diseases like cancer. How true these claims are its hard to say? But there are numerous cases where the patients have experienced positive effects of the technique. One argument behind these claims could be that our physical health is directly related to our mental well-being. Whenever we engage our self in any form of healing, where we trust the practitioner or the method, there are going to be positive outcomes. Although the changes are minuscule nonetheless they are positive. In my own experience whenever I do any form of self-healing whether by laying hands or simply through meditation, I felt better. It made me feel empowered and in control of my health.

Healing Techniques Not A Substitute for A Medical Treatment

One of the things to remember while passing judgment on any such healing techniques that they can’t be an alternative to the regular cure. Although there have been claims of great success the fact is nothing has been proven scientifically. These methods can’t be a substitute for your traditional medicine and treatments. If one is suffering from a serious ailment one ought to see a certified medical practitioner.  So why are these called healing techniques? We need to understand that these practices are ancient in nature, at a time when the modern medical facility was not available. The treatment involved the use of medicinal herbs and spiritual practices. Reiki like many eastern techniques relies on the power of mind and visualization. It can be effectively used along with medical cure but it can’t be an alternate.

Are These Healing Techniques Any Good?

Such healing techniques are good as long as one feels it is useful. Again, its results are determined by the power of the mind. If you believe that you are being healed than maybe you are. If we are positive about something, chances are we will see positive results on the contrary skepticism will yield negative or confusing results. The effects of such practices vary from person to person. Whatever the results may be there is no harm in discovering your very own self-healing practice or a ritual. It can be eastern or western in nature or can be your very own bespoke technique. A practice which comforts and relieves your pain. The healing can be both mental or physical.


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