life, Love, Nature

Child-like Blaze

In the deepest gorges of heart

dwells a child-like puny

little blaze,  


A minuscule  bright topazic

infant flame which glows in

the darkness of shrewd 

world of the 

grown ups


The little flame never  fades,

for it protects the naive

hearts, from falling

prey to the coldness

of the corrupt



The child-like hearts like oasis

remain lush and green

despite cruel parched

sands of the 




life, Nature, poetry

Voids of hearts

Voids of hearts

are like withered

leaves of bygone



Young saplings do

sprout in vibrant 

springs, hope 

takes birth in 

fissures of 



But the gloom of 

marble tombstones

erected on scarlet

hearts forever



Tombs inscribed

on polished ruby 

hearts stand like

rows of platoons 

of martyred 



Midst celebrations 

of new battalions 

the void left

by the fallen

leaves somehow 

always hovers …




Rose Flower
life, Love, Nature, poetry

Hearts of Ashen Copper

Hearts of ashen copper refuse to

erode away in surprise torrential 



Adamant  and resolute not to dissolve

in scorching heats & mighty 

tempests  they stand 

their grounds .


For hearts of ashen copper  are deftly

crafted to withstand the snobbery 

of thundering bolts. 


But the ruby hues  wither away against 

cold  lovers who carry in their raven 

souls tall blazing fires of basal 



For hearts of ashen copper are no match 

 for the  insecure prudish sires who

tremble harder than those 

dying  trees


The sturdy scarlet hues simply snap 

against the jolts of venemous 

breaths and indifferent 

sighs !