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Something A Miss

Genesis began a void

an empty black-hole

on whose fringes blinding

yellowness dwells.

Something a miss in the center!

What, I shall never know?

A fissure somewhere in

the embellish wall in-front.

Always one brick less in the

cemented wall of our


9 thoughts on “Something A Miss”

    1. Hey Bill, so nice to hear from you, hope you are ok.
      Despite everything isn’t our walls of existence always lacking that one brick which we are all craving for?

    1. Thanks a lot Sakshi, I am glad my words resonated with you, always one brick less in our walls of life, isn’t?

    1. Thanks Megha for your kind words, I did use the analogy of black-hole but it was really inspired from day-to day relationships. Sometimes despite everything one feels a void inside. Always one brick missing from our existences 🙂

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