A Masquerade

Disguised behind a plastic 

carnival masque, life 

can’t be more than a 

masquerade, a mere

facade of jarring humour

labeled a tragedy for few

intellectuals who shed 

crude tears on the transient, 

Slapstic miracles  for those 

 godly beings, may be a

loaf of bread for the beggar

on the cobbled pavement

a dying sigh proclaims a lover, 

Life for me a hellish suffering I

try to endure while evoking 

sensless laughters , lament 

sob and much more through 

the hours of midnight, a vision 

of nude Venus drenched in downpour 

haunts me, may be life is no mystery

it is a carnival of emotions, a  

clownish masquerade celebrated 

in cheap Italian  movies.


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  1. You provide excellent weaving of words and thought. Life does seem mysterious at times, and yet there is a master plan that we may not understand, within our feebleness. 🙂

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