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A Masquerade

Disguised behind a plastic 

carnival masque, life 

can’t be more than a 

masquerade, a mere

facade of jarring humour

labeled a tragedy for few

intellectuals who shed 

crude tears on the transient, 

Slapstic miracles  for those 

 godly beings, may be a

loaf of bread for the beggar

on the cobbled pavement

a dying sigh proclaims a lover, 

Life for me a hellish suffering I

try to endure while evoking 

sensless laughters , lament 

sob and much more through 

the hours of midnight, a vision 

of nude Venus drenched in downpour 

haunts me, may be life is no mystery

it is a carnival of emotions, a  

clownish masquerade celebrated 

in cheap Italian  movies.

31 thoughts on “A Masquerade”

      1. Thanks Bill, you make me happy! I never thought I could even write hence your remarks are encouraging !

      2. Thanks Bill, that’s kind of you to say. I’m busy working on my novel now days let’s see how it turns out

  1. You provide excellent weaving of words and thought. Life does seem mysterious at times, and yet there is a master plan that we may not understand, within our feebleness. 🙂

    1. I’m glad Ron my words resonated with you. You framed it very well that life does seem mysterious at times… 😃. Thanks for sharing your insight!

      1. Yes, been pretty well; and I hope you have too. It seems like home repairs and various life experiences seem to divert me here and there but life is full of balancing needs. 🙂

      2. Your presence here is much appreciated, you always emanate positivity! Keep shining!

      3. Awww, thank you Tanya. I’m so glad you think so. I always want to be positive and provide some good cheer. You equally provide a wonderful support and encouragement to others as well. Blessings to you! 😊

  2. Thanks a lot Ravindra for your kind read, I’m really glad that you liked it 🙂 truly humbled!

    1. You framed it well Warren, if a heart hides, … behind what they think! Thanks for your kind read and insight!

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