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Time has witnessed the many trials
of your life, you often felt a little more than what you saw. It’s about time you kneel down to your self, give yourself a little pat on the back, smile and move on. When you find yourself lost in the raven hours, remember the Tolstoyian words often rings true; God watches everything but waits for his turn

22 thoughts on “Trials”

  1. “you often a little more than you saw”. Indeed. Human loves drama. You get slapped once, thats not your fault. But you replay it 100 times, thats your doing.

    1. Interesting take on the poem, agree that humans love drama. Also some people are very sensitive, aren’t they?

      1. Human is only race blessed with such imaginative and intellectual capabilities . But these habe now become more a cause of concern than an advantage.
        People are sensitive but more towards self and less towards others. We tend to mix both. If you observe over imagination and overthinking are by products of sensitivity . Nothing wrong in it. But it is what it is

      2. Well I’ve honestly not checked I’m not using my previous mail for sometime, but I’m happy connecting on blog. I prefer this to email 🙂

    1. Yes so comforting, read a story long back by Papa Tolstoy with the title, ” God Watches but Waits” hence the inspiration.

  2. It seems that hurt and tragedy are often written off in the eyes of God. But there’s more to behold in faith and devotion. It is never wasted.
    Beautiful and strong words. 🙂

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