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A Secret Culinary Seduction

Once again with a thought of being honest to the

marital vows taken in the bygone century I decided 

to lay down a gourmet meal for the darling husband.


Discovered an  ancient recipe from the archives of

the great Confucius and took out a vintage Indian

spice box chiseled out of great silver ivory tusks, handed

to me by the Roman goddess Edesia to tame wild husbands.


The box gilded with rows of turquoise peacocks mating

with peahens, embellished with golden petals of marigold,

with spice bowls placed like pawns on the board of chess.


Each spice trying to outshine the other in exotic flavors

and rich aromas. With a conniving  conspiracy to satiate

the belly and in the state of intoxication of thousand opiates.


To put forward a burning desire in my bosom since I put

my promiscuous gaze on one emerald green neck-piece in the

grand Promenade on route number five, one fine spring day.


For I resisted the entire spring and summer and carefully

weighed a hour in the fall when planets were to be aligned

in my favor as prophesied  by a Turkish soothsayer 


I took out my slender Moroccan tagine, and lined

it with a luscious dark pressed oil glistening like sparkles

on the earthen pot and smeared it with my scheming hands

to the farthest corners possible for the spell to work.


Sauted some mellowed sweet onions, craftily sprinkled the

topaz turmeric, with julienne of aphrodisiac garlic and

blew a long kiss of exotic scarlet peppers over the tagine


To prepare a curry of a freshly butchered young lamb

still warm, acquired specially from the northern highlands,

reared and slaughtered only for the special occasions like this.


Adorning the garb of a regal chef, I simmered and simmered

for hours till the juicy flesh fell of  the fragile white bones,

while engaging in brown study  of all that I can extract from the

hapless man in the state of profound ecstasy.


I laid my plan meticulously in the hibiscus laden English bowls while

weaving a devilish plot, wore a plunging lace blouse with the help

of pygmy elf of seduction to give a little sneak- peak of the cascading

waterfall between the two splendid alps, and clamped lips for a pout.


Threw an oomph in the curry along with the strands of aromatic  

Kashmiri saffron and laughed at the marvel of my own success,

 while patiently waiting for the door-bell to ring and my unarmed 

knight to arrive to begin with secret culinary seduction. 








49 thoughts on “A Secret Culinary Seduction”

    1. Thanks Bill, I am a foodie too! What can be more romantic than gourmet food and poetry, I am really glad you liked it. 🙂

      1. You are so right!! I’ve did some chocolate/wine pairings with poetry selections at a function last winter… people loved it!

      2. Oh yes what can be better than have poem recitation coupled with good wine and food. I wish I was there at the function too Bill!

      3. I’ll send you my chocolate and wine pairings if you’d like. I did a white, milk, and dark chocolate… each with their own wine. Then I read 2 poems during each of the “courses.”. It was fun!

    1. Shantanu I hope husband feels the same. I was actually cooking curry in the morning and the thought came to mind and crafted a poem out of it, while standing in kitchen. Ofcourse I use my cooking to extract things out of him 🙂

      1. I am sure he will. Tell him the blogger world is saying he is one lucky person 😊🌸 you wrote such an incredible piece. I can feel the aroma. Kinda making me hungry as I sit at the airport waiting for my red eye

    1. Thanks Warren for your kind words. I often use this cooking tactic to get my desires fulfilled. Well I don’t know about other men, but I hope my husband likes it 🙂

      1. Yes that is true, I love cooking for my family and do put lot of effort and they appreciate it 🙂

    1. Ha ha I hope too, I am personally bored eating my own food 🙂 but thanks a lot for taking out time to read this!

    1. Thanks a lot Eugenia for reading and leaving your valuable comment. You can also serve some curry for yourself!

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