Since Night Shyamalan’s magnum opus The Sixth Sense, there remains a fascination about the possibility of an additional sense. There is an increasing understanding that we humans might be possessing a sixth sense. There is an intriguing inner world within us which science has not been able to decipher. In the corridors of paranormal activists, this mysterious sense is greatly held as supernatural and sinister. Whereas many spiritualists and philosophers in the eastern mysticism have talked about the intuition being the sixth sense.  Have you ever experienced that whatever events are taking place you already had a premonition about it or in simple plain words had a gut feeling? Have you ever paid a visit to a tarot card reader or a secret psychic?

What Is Intuitive Eye?

In Hinduism, the great Lord Shiva is supposed to have a third eye. Shiva’s third eye emits fire and flame. It represents spiritual wisdom and knowledge.  But let’s keep the myth and legend aside and come back to the reality. Can it be possible that we too have a third eye, the eye of intuition? Our history is filled with great psychics like Nostradamus and Edward Cassey who could foresee the events of future and leave behind books filled with predictions. But let’s be honest not everyone can channelize and harness the power of intuition as those great legends can. But can ordinary humans like us also benefit from the eye of intuition and foresee our future. Déjà vu is the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. I am sure you would have had many such feelings where you felt familiarity, a recollection of vague memory. Are these feelings a part of some vague memory or, simply our intuition?

How To Open Eye Of Intuition?

Ok, let’s assume for a while that we do have the mysterious Sixth Sense. This eye of intuition as I will like to call it. If we are in possession of this sense, then how to use it to our benefit. Is there a way out there to open it? To be in touch with our intuitive side first, we need to be in tune with our true self. In our fast-paced lives, trying to maintain the work-life balance, we have completely lost our touch with the real self. Take out some time from your hectic schedule and spend time with yourself. Try to follow some meditation technique that you know, either sitting or lying down. Practice it for a month at least, try looking within yourself. In the beginning, it might be difficult for you to sit still, but with practice, you will be able to sit silently. Regular practice of meditation will allow you to be in touch with your lost self.

Be Closer To Mother Nature

When was the last time you sat beneath a tree and listened to the cooing of birds or the fluttering of leaves? If the answer is long back, then go out and allow the gentle breeze to flow through your hair and sat by the majestic sea and listen quietly to sound of meandering waves. You can awaken your institutive side once you establish a connection with the mother nature. Harmonizing with mother nature will allow you to embrace your true self. Find a calm spot in a park or beach and solitude be aware of your surroundings and your nature. Try to listen to your inner voice. Nature is therapeutic and acts as a catalyst in unlocking intuitiveness in us.

 Be Spiritual

Spirituality is extremely important if you want to awaken your third eye. It will allow you to decipher the mysteries of spirit. Each has his/her spiritual process. What may be true for an individual might not be for another? Spirituality varies from person to person. You will have to nurture your spiritual side to decipher the inner mysteries of your soul. An intuitive life is not a monologue but a dialogue between you and your soul. The ability to be to talk and to listen to your inner self-come from spirituality. Spirituality allows you to have the inner dialogue which is imperative to stir up intuition. You can cultivate spirituality either by conventional methods or by your bespoke approach.

Watch Your Dreams

We all have had our share of eerie dreams. The key is closely observing and analyzing the dream patterns. When we sleep our subconscious and brain are still at work. Slumber is a superficial nothing extraordinary about it, but sometimes our dreams can tell us a lot about our life and future. Did it ever occur to you that certain dreams can be a premonition of your future? It doesn’t mean that you have to keep track of every dream but observe a pattern of dreams. Many women in their state of pregnancy experience dream of death and decay. Dreams of drowning and crashing are very common during emotional turbulence. Dreams can symbolize our state of mind which in turn can forewarn future events. Apart from the future events, dreams can tell you a lot about your own emotional needs and anxieties.

Don’t Hold On To Negative Feelings

Negative feelings and thoughts can blur our intuitive skills. Negative energy ends up consuming a great amount of our energy and time. Rather than contemplating over them, spend your time in meditation and prayer. Toxic thoughts and grudges are major hindrances to the intuitive process. The intuitive eye represents wisdom and insight; negativity will not allow you the correct perception. Don’t burn up your precious energy on undesirable thoughts and people, rather preserve them to seek the inner voice. The voice of knowledge and understanding.

Intuition is not a miracle nor a supernatural phenomenon. It’s a self-belief founded on our past experiences and wisdom. It’s the voice of prudence which can be our guide through the journey called life. The intuitive eye is within all of us, but very few can recognize and harness it. Next time when you are at the crossroads in your life, give intuition a chance.

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