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Today a melancholic evening ,  I decided to

take a walk in pristine white snows wearing 

gloomy leather boats trudging heavily on

 eerie icy paths leaving  behind a

place once called home


While on way, I am met by a withered skeletal  

tree standing his  ground despite the havocs

 caused by ice and water  waving at me with

his trembling Parkinson’s  branches, 

grinning at me in a peculiar

fashion of  old men. 


Crescent moon shining like a soothsayer’s  

crystal it’s whites reflecting the whites of

snow prophesying , that moment of

redemption is near  revealing a 

vision through it’s translucent 



A puny little squirrel trails  along  may be

looking for some company  chirping about the 

the loveliness of weather while nibbling

on a decayed nut, playing 

hide- seek with me.


Northern wind like a nagging aunt blowing 

here and there doing her wintery chores, with

careless locks of snowy flakes on her forehead

poking in my affairs and blocking

my way ..


Exhausted sat at the banks of a frozen creek,

from behind a mist a limping shadow in pale

moonlight comes forth,  I realize he is the deer

I hit last year with my silver car, his large

kohl eyes penetrating mine, in an act of 

forgiveness he gracefully allows me to

share his space, 


The  gloom nestled in me dissolves, I know

on this evening I am touched by the

diviner as I went home

carrying the nut! 




Migratory birds
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Migratory Birds

In the flat plateaus across the tall mountains,

a mythical land with blistering fountains

adorns like a jewel known as Valley of Hope

A fabled basin where the birds of north elopes

The gentle wizard of autumn transforms colors

of the leaves into hues of pinks, and yellows

Knowing well that the change is the divine law,

and the autumn’s magic spell is without a flaw.

On the pilgrimage heavenly birds who falls

like Icarus, rests in golden shrines and calls

the withered leaves and petals to surrender

on the little graves on the way to holy voyage.

A land abundant with imperial orchids so royal

brimming with lovely Magnolias and flamboyant

Bougainvillea’s, here migratory birds make homes

away from winter’s wrath in cozy Mangrove wombs.