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Sunny Days Are Here Again

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are crackling teeth in frigid temperatures ( 😝) of cold 🥶 Arctic weather  . Sipping hot ☕️ beverages  and sparkling bourbons 🥃 . I’m enjoying balmy sunny weather of 26 C (I won’t tell the place 😁) The sadistic side of mine refuses to share such pleasant weather least everyone end up reaching. Yes I’ve some evil 👿 in me.  The Sun 🌞here is very benevolent, beaches 👙  are warm and coconut 🥥  water in abundance.

I wish you advance Happy New Year and Merry 🎄 Christmas!

( In case you are ogling at  the picture of the tonned woman in skimpy clothes posted,  happily thinking it’s me, sorry it’s not me, it’s random😃)