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Hundred Years of Silences

A blind woman I wandered

in the shadowy woods, oblivious

of the shades of my emotions

as I left behind the years of eerie

silences, unspoken verses,

random sentiments…

only to exhume hues of pinks,

blues, blacks and grays buried

alive in the unfathomable pits of

heart, unearthed the rusty clots

and residual tissues from the

bony emaciated rib-cage to

set them free in the translucent

liquids to flow in vast abyss

while listening to faint whispers

from my heart between the

chasms of two throbbing beats;

Shh! Let it go

Let it go…

Let it go…Shh!

Hundred years of silences..






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Cacophony Of Sounds

Silence fills you
like nothing else
a need, an addiction
a compulsion
Let the seconds,
minutes, hours 
be infused with-quietness 
draw the blinds of heart
rejoice in tranquility
of poise contractions
stillness of fleeting moments
freeze the much
pervasive solitude 
pause the endless cacophony 
of incoherent sounds,
of million thoughts. 
Let our hearts
become the shrines
of calmness and serenity
those who fear silence 
will not go so far.