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Those Charms & Glows

I’ve possessed my bitter sorrows long back,

Adorned and wore it as part of my flesh ,

Pains which gushes as streams of scarlet blood

through blue veins, raging as river Nile 

Like whiffs of cheap psychedelic drugs, I 

consumed every bit and angle of my grief 

For a woman doesn’t become a woman until

she gleefully begins to possess and wear her  

pains, she transforms into a woman the moment

she glows while drowning in the lyres of pain 

Those sickly bossoms turn fuller and rounder

gracefully carrying the heavy burdens of heart

and the faces emanate those rare effervescent

charms about whom blind poets often write and

Trembling painters paint perfectly with  angular

strokes of  nylon brush. those charms and glows

as streams of scarlet bloods pumped from the  

aching hearts, gushing forth in blue veins.  






Sinful Dips
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Sinful Dips

I took sinful dips in vast seas of love embracing

you tightly, with a terror of drowning in the

deep waters of desires, wines from your

lips did wonders for I went and came back

from the hell fires, back and forth taking

sinful dips in the waters of love.


Shedding all vestiges of shame, clothed only

in translucent moon-light while holding

you tightly, trying to sooth the amber

of my flesh with your cigar breaths.


I performed holy ablutions to wash off any

lingering doubts of cravings, let raven

hair loose to sway in directions unknown,

only to clasp a caress in my nets in the

deepest pits of desires.


While softly twirling on the rubenesque flutes

of thirsts, closed my eyes and swam to the

farthest corners of desire to discover a

dated relic of yours resting in the

sea-beds of my whims.


Knowing that magical things might happen,

I allowed myself to completely penetrate

in the realms of darkest fantasies to,

accomplish once a flawless rapture of bodies.


While you played your wicked games

I let lose more shames just to capture a

whiff of your perfume, to break an ancient

spell of absence while taking sinful

dips in vast seas of love.














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A Brute For A Man

What evil dwells in men who lock up

their women in golden cages and deny them

the freedom which nature bestows upon them

the freewill which the lord rests on them 

What kind of love justifies binding up feet

of their women so they can never walk freely,

strangulate their feelings so they never have any

dreams of liberation? They  suffer silently with men

of such devilish brutality, for whom their wives

are just trophies and machines to bear children

which they threaten to take away because the

law is on their side and the house is on their land.

These wives are made to bow more and everyday

and any last vestige of  shredded-esteem that is left

in the gaunt  hollow body and parched heart is

trampled and crushed upon. Even the wisest and

fairest of damsels fall into the charms of these

kinds of brutes who walk ten feet in front of women,

for they are men and carry the burden of their mothers

while their women have already paid for six feet deep.

Their women smile and carefully mask their purplish

dark circles with concealers and expensive mascaras,

however the blueish veins still remain visible beneath

the six layers of dark makeup, The diamond ring

of unholy matrimony used as a bait to catch the

rare fish, digs deep in fragile fingers obstructing the flow

of any life present inside, the wedding gown lay hanging

of a bride who ordered a pretty shroud for herself. 

Still these wives carry neat appearances and smile even 

when chained with hot iron shackles of pride and disdain.

Thoughts of mercy- killing  lingers and echos all the time

but still they carry on for the sake of the newborn babies,

they  bear every-year with a single wish if they are born

as girls never to mistake brutes for men as their mothers did.

For she  can have an unfortunate fate like mine or yours….

Tanya Shukla

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Importance of Detachment

Detachment is an art essential for a happy relationship. When we envisage an intimate relationship, we imagine a bond inseparable and perennial. Doesn’t it sound more like Siamese twins?  A healthy relationship is not based on obsessive attachment instead on a selective detachment. Space and distance can do wonders in a relationship. Detachment brings serenity to an association. It deters one from becoming entangled in the complexities of emotions. A mature and healthy relationship is based on mutual respect and trust. Reverence for each other is possible when we respect other’s boundaries while keeping our space intact million-dollar question how we reach a state of utter detachment while living in the world performing our duties

Detachment in Relationships

Detachment calls for specific skills. Little space allows both the partners to have their own time enabling a mature relationship. It improves the relationship by avoiding annoying emotional hang-ups. Any obsessive attachment is fatal to a growing relationship. When you start banking on the other for every need, you start expecting more leading to frustration. Attachment can be threating to our self-respect and inner peace.  Detachment doesn’t mean one has to be devoid of any passion but being affectionate without depending on others for your happiness. Many relationships crumble under the heavy burdens of expectations and disappointments; a little distance helps one to be realistic.

Emotions & Detachment

Attachment is the cause of many negative emotions. Feelings of envy, rage and anxiety spring from an inherent fear of loss. When we are too attached to a person or an object, we become frightened of losing it. The constant paranoia of losing the thing we consider indispensable for our existence. A compulsive attachment springs from a sense of inferiority complex and inadequacy. A faulty perception that one is not sufficient enough and needs someone to define. This feeling of lack drives us to be attached to either a person, a relation, job or money. We realize our strength when we define ourselves outside the realms of relativity.

Be Realistic

Setting realistic expectations for yourself and others is imperative. When we are obsessively attached to a person or an object, we tend to overdo to seek approval. In return, we also raise our expectations leading to anger and frustration. The cause of pain is expectations. Best way to avoid resentment and heartache is not to expect anything from anyone. It’s essential sometimes to take a step backward and take a more objective perspective. Detachment doesn’t imply being aloof from the person of interest instead it is all about being utterly unrifled by the outcome of an action.

 Focus on Yourself

In our quest to seek answers to the questions that life throws at us, we pursue people and objects. But instead of chasing others we need to realize all the answers are within us. A detached awareness endows one with more understanding. It offers a clear vision of a situation; it helps one to focus objectively on the situation while knowing oneself. It is all about loving the other person while taking care of yourself. Spend some time with yourself, sit in stillness and do some introspection. Offering some time and space to your partner is never a bad idea, it allows some breathing time. Develop some hobbies or interest to keep your mind engaged and away from the mundane issues of the day.

A healthy detachment can lead to a mature and robust relationship. When you genuinely care for a person, you don’t encroach on his/her privacy. You will never trespass on the boundaries set by the person. In the words of great Gibran,

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness.”