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Hundred Years of Silences

A blind woman I wandered

in the shadowy woods, oblivious

of the shades of my emotions

as I left behind the years of eerie

silences, unspoken verses,

random sentiments…

only to exhume hues of pinks,

blues, blacks and grays buried

alive in the unfathomable pits of

heart, unearthed the rusty clots

and residual tissues from the

bony emaciated rib-cage to

set them free in the translucent

liquids to flow in vast abyss

while listening to faint whispers

from my heart between the

chasms of two throbbing beats;

Shh! Let it go

Let it go…

Let it go…Shh!

Hundred years of silences..






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Cacophony Of Sounds

Silence fills you
like nothing else
a need, an addiction
a compulsion
Let the seconds,
minutes, hours 
be infused with-quietness 
draw the blinds of heart
rejoice in tranquility
of poise contractions
stillness of fleeting moments
freeze the much
pervasive solitude 
pause the endless cacophony 
of incoherent sounds,
of million thoughts. 
Let our hearts
become the shrines
of calmness and serenity
those who fear silence 
will not go so far.

Humanity, Kindness, Compassion, Inspiration, Legend, Literature, Love, Nature


I took refuge in myself as a

hermit in an ancient cage,

enduring the thunders and 

the howls of angry wolves

in my brain, as the centers

would not hold, no one ever

cared for my broken words

so I started to scribble long

verses on my aching heart

while taking refuge in my

my withered soul caged by

the barrage of human folly. 


When You Stop Reacting They Stop Provoking

“There is a battle between two wolves inside us, One is evil, it is anger jealousy greed, resentment lies, inferiority and ego. The other is good, its joy, peace, love hope, humility, kindness empathy and truth. The wolf that wins is the one you feed.”

Native American Proverb

Every day is a revelation, every passing moment a prophecy. The last couple of years in my life have been very eventful. I’ve landed on new horizons, made new acquaintances and tasted distinct cuisines. All experiences have taught me something new. I’ve come in contact with different individuals, some have left for good and some will always linger on for good. But there is a category of individuals who are very trying and test your patience level to extreme either through their venom-laden tongues or sadistic behavior. Now here I must take the opportunity for expressing my heartfelt gratitude towards such noble souls for they have taught me a valuable lesson that when you stop reacting they stop provoking.

Newton’ Third Law

Newton’s Third Law states that ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  It’s such a beautiful law with enormous wisdom. When there is an action there is reaction simple yet so profound. Have you realized that even the breath that you inhale has a reaction? Something as mundane as a flapping of a bird’s wings accounts for a counter-response, how amazing. I have tried to apply this law to a few of my relatives, co-workers, and boss( toxic one) that if I react to their gibberish there would be more provocation coming my way. On the other hand, if I stop reacting there is no chance of any provoking. We all have people in our lives who get on our nerves, beneath our skins. People who derive pleasure out of our fall. They become our triggers, the more we acknowledge them worse it is for us.

Just Breathe

I have been an angry person and very quick to outbursts. As time passed, my outbursts became predictable, the irony is everyone could see them coming apart from me. Years of emotional pain and perceived wrongs had me struggling with my eruptions. But this behavior of mine needed to change because I’ve had enough of people commenting on my foul temper. One of the techniques that helped me control my mood upheavals was being mindful. Whenever I get angry or anxious, I simply watch my breath and it helps me to shift my mind off the situations and people and keeps me calmer. There is no religion or confusing metaphysics here but a simple fact, live in the moment and enjoy! Breathing is a fundamental fact of life when things go hay-wire just come back to the basic.

We all have our hot buttons which when pushed make us react, it is but natural. We can’t avoid certain situations and people. The key is to identify the triggers which lead to reactions. Self-awareness and mindful breathing can help us to control our emotions.

“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos”

Donna Karen


Strength In Silence

“Those who are quiet value the words. When their task is completed, people will say: We did it ourselves.”

 -Lao Tzu

In our culture, we are taught the value of speaking our minds. I have never been afraid to utter what I feel. Hailing from a culture where women are denied a voice and looked down when they share an opinion, for me the most courageous act was to speak up. I did speak a lot much to the annoyance of others. I was always quick to react and respond, that was the mantra I lived by. But lately, I’ve realized that speaking your mind always doesn’t work. Sometimes maintaining silence is the best policy. Peace never comes from speaking but only from silence. But to many habitual speakers like me out there, silence doesn’t come easy. The temptation to talk, give back, respond, and react is intense. So why is silence important?

Why is Silence Important?

There is enormous strength in silence. When we maintain a pure silence, everyone around starts taking notice. Words never draw people towards you, its always the stillness. When I say silence, I don’t mean indifference or any form of passive aggressive behavior but a serene calmness. The peaceful tranquility of soul attracts the whole cosmos, try it for yourself. Take out some time from your busy day, sit under a tree or by the lake or a river, practice any meditation technique and sit silently. Once you sit still and your mind is calmer you will discover that trees, birds, river everyone is trying to say something. Nature will reveal to you its most sacred wisdom in the fluttering of leaves, the cooing of birds, in the howling of winds. When the speaker in you dies, the listener in you takes birth.

Don’t Reveal the Secrets of Your Heart

Every heart has secrets; every soul has mysteries, when we start taking pleasure in non-stop chatters we risk revealing what’s most precious to us. Of course, I don’t wish that you should become an unfathomable enigma but a little mystery is always good.

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.

-Khalil Gibran

When you become an open book for the world to read, you lose your treasured privacy. Allow others to decipher you, let them take their time. Keep some secrets and mysteries to yourself. Let them be with you in your heart and carry them like companions when you embark on a journey from this world to another.

Conflict Resolution

History has been a witness that most of the battles were fought over words. One can avoid unnecessary complexities by simply staying silent. Don’t drain your energy by getting into mindless gossips and arguments. The fact is endless talking leads to gossiping and bitching, which is simply a waste of time. Every time we talk no matter how careful we are, we unconsciously end up saying hurtful words. It’s more rewarding to be a compassionate listener than a mindless speaker. In the heat of the moment try to stay calm and collected, your cool demeanor is enough to resolve any conflict.

Keeping A Silence Fast

The million-dollar question is how to maintain silence? Talking is an addiction to many of us, I’ve had times when I’ve literally chocked with words sometimes out of indignation and others out of mere impatience. One technique that has really worked for me is keeping a silence fast. It’s a very simple and age-old practice, taking a vow to be silent. The vow can be taken in your mind or if that doesn’t work you can be more dramatic or ritualistic. I have a small temple in my room, where I take my vow of silence (often when I have an argument with my husband) The duration of the fast is completely your discretion. A twenty-four hour fast is the most effective but if it’s not for you feasible chose any time of the day and be quiet. You can let your family and friends know about your fast.

Take your fast seriously please don’t talk in sign languages or write stuff on a piece of paper. I once had a friend who would religiously keep the fast but always had a pen and paper near him to jot down stuff. It’s a sacred vow so please don’t cheat (although we all cheat, it’s tempting). As time will pass you will get better in it and the temptation to speak will wither away.  Silence will open a world of enormous joy and pleasure, you will not seek any human company.

“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor in translation.”

 – Rumi