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Swaying To Notes of Thousand

Swaying to the 

notes of thousand 


dropping all shames

twirling round round,

like darvesh in 

wild wild forest.

Whatever happens 

will happen!

It’s all god’s will

why interfere

why despair?

Some days are bad

like today,

I am rollin rollin

going spiral down 

free falling..

Thought to bounce

swaying just pounce

dropping shames…

Whatever happens

will happen.

It’s all God’s will

why interfere?

why despair? 

All I can do

is to just brew

drink or flew

some champagne

bubbles …

You can hold

my hands behold

catch me when I am


kiss me or

miss me…

When swaying

with me swaying

to the notes of

thousand bagpipers

Love, Nature

Fires of Pain

The mighty gods can wait

and angels can look upon

let me perform the rituals 

of fire, I knew I was never 

the one, hence let me drink

the fires of pain and slurp

it all down.


Let the cruel heats dissolve

veins and flush sinful skins,

only the excruciating blaze

can cool off the eternal



The stains on the bed, the

mute whispers narrated to

me that I was never to the be

one but  I decided to

walk on the bed

of hot cinders.


Let me twirl around the

flaming inferno, open

mine manes in the stormy

nights drop any vestiges

of shame and clap while

chanting the name of

Hestia the fire



Pick with my bare arms the 

scarlet embers to sooth the

wounds you gave, the scars 

you offered, let heat of cinders

cool off the bulbous bones

The blaze dissolve the

poisons of deceit and

trails of  betrayals.


Knowing that poison kills

poison, let me kill my woes

with more woes, slaughter

my sorrows with more

sorrows let me drink fires

of pain.



look at my face
feminine, Love, Nature, poetry, woman

Behold darling & just look at my face

Behold darling and just look at my face,
do I need more ruby on the lips?
or need to walk alluring with sweeping hips?

Maybe I should too get bulbous bones fixed!
But love my darling is not a spectacle
No! Love is no rosy cheeks or her
dimpled face.

Poets of past who sighed deep and longed
for the fairer beings all turned blind!
Beauty doesn’t rest under your heels
Lures are not in bosoms but in depths of souls

I can arch my brows high if you feel
but you see you will again run up the hill
to find some jawbones are missing still!

Mistake not my tenderness for frailty
Or mark my words for random triviality!
Let’s not avoid me today as always in haste
Behold darling and just look at my face!

Rose Flower
Love, Nature, poetry, woman

Not Every Floret Is A Rose

To tell you the truth my humble folks

No one ever sang melodies nor I evoke

sighs of love, nor were woven any aching

hymns, no blind poet was ever penning,


ballads of mine love, while young lovers

were busy making love under thick covers

I was simply trying to stand my ground

Only trying to nurse some old wound


I did have few dry kisses to my share

Enough to call them some sort of affair

To keep the sluggish heart-beating,

And the crimson thin blood gushing


For I knew that true love is a luxury

A privilege reserved for not the many

I had vowed my entire life to a service

And all I ever did was the same service


Knowing that not every floret is a rose

Some of us are condemned only to compose

Verses of love in the long endless nights

While thinking of kisses in our imaginary flights







Sinful Dips
Love, Nature, poetry, sensual, woman

Sinful Dips

I took sinful dips in vast seas of love embracing

you tightly, with a terror of drowning in the

deep waters of desires, wines from your

lips did wonders for I went and came back

from the hell fires, back and forth taking

sinful dips in the waters of love.


Shedding all vestiges of shame, clothed only

in translucent moon-light while holding

you tightly, trying to sooth the amber

of my flesh with your cigar breaths.


I performed holy ablutions to wash off any

lingering doubts of cravings, let raven

hair loose to sway in directions unknown,

only to clasp a caress in my nets in the

deepest pits of desires.


While softly twirling on the rubenesque flutes

of thirsts, closed my eyes and swam to the

farthest corners of desire to discover a

dated relic of yours resting in the

sea-beds of my whims.


Knowing that magical things might happen,

I allowed myself to completely penetrate

in the realms of darkest fantasies to,

accomplish once a flawless rapture of bodies.


While you played your wicked games

I let lose more shames just to capture a

whiff of your perfume, to break an ancient

spell of absence while taking sinful

dips in vast seas of love.














feminine, Love, Nature, poetry

Rendezvous With Mrs.Kim

A rare rendezvous with one Mrs. Kim

Oh boy!  Oh boy!

how she liked to gleam,

nevertheless, of what weather was like

life for her was always a joy-ride.


She liked to ballet and way she moved

the gloomy northern winds also grooved

an enchantress of some exquisite kind

she sure was a sultrous a real dyme


She was always the talk of the town

humble men besotted gave her a crown

cruel fate never made her back down

her tale was not the happy kinds


Mrs. Kim’s man had never been found

he went far-off never to turn around

left her no shillings not even a single dime


Then they were those who frowned

yet roamed in expensive gowns

plagued for pleasures they lacked


As for Mrs. Kim, she just laughed till

her heart’s desire with never any ill will

and lived a life, full of child’s thrill


A rare rendezvous with Mrs. Kim

Oh boy! Oh boy!

how she liked to gleam.

feminine, Love, poetry, sensual, woman

Neat Satin Silhouettes

Neat satin silhouettes
narrates a mundane tale
of tireless nights filled
with loops and knits

Days make sense
doing dirty chores
frantic zig-zag
of mood swings

Mischievous curves
embraces salty sweat
carnal desires rebuked
suffered a psychosis

Psychedelic talks
in realms of fantasy
burden of one ruby
ceases any chance

Refuged in verses
of random erotica
eerie silence
possesses sheets

Gaunt couch
joint residuals

Stale stench 
hovers ceilings 
echoes denial!!