Nineties Music

Twerking to lyres of profane pop, sliding steps, bouncy hips, oozing boobs thumping beats shaken to that 90’s pace, grooving, swaying to heart’s  desire, twirling neon yellows,oranges nasal notes, forget jazz ,vintage melodies or Chateau Petrus,  dive in cheap shots. today night lets struck those 90’s chords.. Advertisements


Those Rubenesque Flutes

In every fissure of those Rubenesque flutes I blew to my heart’s yearning  deep sighs  of burlesque passions,   Sync together euphonious hums of those  unrequited moments, which like whiffs get infused in elements of thin air,   A melodious tune conceived out of the duskier crevices of fluted grooves where dwells hooves of undeclared …

Belly Dancer

A gentle fierce damsel A face so exquisite  From the fertile valley of  Great Saharan lands with Voluptuous serpentine moves Sensuous tattooed hissing belly Adorned with silver hip scarves  Softly sexually on the rhythms Of  Arabic darbuka Back and forth, side to side Teasing with tender bouncy Bosoms trying to peek out,  Of choli embellished …