For I’ve Seen

For I’ve seen… The smiling faces are never the happiest kinds The crying ones are not always the gravest types The silent demeanor’s may not always the honest ones The truthful souls most often are the angry beings  For I’ve seen…   Advertisements


Cacophony Of Sounds

Silence fills you like nothing else a need, an addiction a compulsion Let the seconds, minutes, hours  be infused with-quietness  draw the blinds of heart rejoice in tranquility of poise contractions stillness of fleeting moments freeze the much pervasive solitude  pause the endless cacophony  of incoherent sounds, of million thoughts.  Let our hearts become the …


Our lives are as different as alike,  Some days you are a step ahead and I am a step behind while on some days I am a step ahead and you a step behind.  For our lives are as different as alike.

I Am A Wildflower

I may not be the exquisite rose of your French orchids, or the fragrant Jasmine of your manicured lawns. A wildflower of some unknown species, yes I am of a wild tribe! The type that grows on the sides of your very dirty roads and muddy paths, the kind whose seeds are never sowed and …

But I Am Happy

In all my innocence, I thought you will listen gently to the beats of my heart, I cried and howled as I was alone and scared I knew we both spoke different languages but still put my trust because I yearned to speak and liberate myself from the fear and the million different voices in …

An Open Kitchen

The majestic oak trees just shed some woods the lush baby spinach leaves oozing out of hoods. In the large pristine green pastures equally growing, the youthful wild umbrella mushrooms wooing  and with the raw Ramona tomatoes in my sight  I am sure that my stew is going to be really bright.  While preparing stew in …

Lucky Woman

I am a lucky woman with rays of Sun on face the benevolent Earth beneath drenched in occasional down-pour few bruises on my heart washed away by the giggles of a kid playing hide and seek.  I am a lucky woman.  


Her passing an irreparable loss, I knew She will be gone before I will stand on my feet Like a short-lived spring, she flowered and blossomed And moved on to far lands, behind those tall mountains Becoming some legend in a fabled, mythical distant land Her angelic crisscross face echoing tales of a very hard …