Open Kitchen
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An Open Kitchen

The majestic oak trees just shed some woods

the lush baby spinach leaves oozing out of hoods.

In the large pristine green pastures equally growing,

the youthful wild umbrella mushrooms wooing 

and with the raw Ramona tomatoes in my sight 

I am sure that my stew is going to be really bright. 

While preparing stew in a pot it started to slowly rain,

but my mom told me no hard-work ever goes in vain.

The ever benevolent Mother-Earth as my open kitchen

and while stew simmered,the humble deer also pitched in.

Humanity, Kindness, Compassion, Inspiration, Nature, poetry, Self-Help

The Majestic Life

Bowed my head today in reverence to

The rejections washed up on my shore,

Turning me humbler as the time passes

Profanities hurled of the worst kinds,

Not enough for the dignity of lifetime

The cruel betrayels and ugly deceptions

Left footprints of a gentler honesty

Multiple encounters with the flimsy death

Made living worth one million times

For fragile death is momentory but

The majestic life always goes on.

Tanya Shukla


a hand out of sea
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A Dying Man

Yesterday saw a dying man
lying breathless on the cobbled
pavement, near the majestic Promenade

A face so fragile, marred by the ailment
called life, a look of a victim 
and hardships endured

An appearance of a sullen
disappointment, masked beneath 
the scaly, withered skin

Hanging on to one thread of breath,
life gradually dithering, 
in his emaciated body.

Cries of pain and suffering 
echoing a tale of broken, 
promises and misfortunes so heavy.

Crowds gathered around to,
witness the grand finale; the 
the spectacle of death so cheap.

A sigh of relief a gentle,
reassurance, glance at the sky
for thank god, it wasn’t me.

Creaking sound of creature’s
cries, torturous unbearable
to the refined human ear.

Terrified at the final performance
crowds dispersed, thinking of
the share they might have to offer.

Life oozing out of the blob
of flesh, a gush of air exhaled
from the parched mouth. 

A faint voice, oh god!
lighting struck, ending the tale 
of a man who lost the battle too soon

Tanya Shukla


Practice Simplicity A Short Story

The new disciple is excited when he’s seeing the Master for the first time.  He jumps at the opportunity and curiously asks, “How do you practice Tao, Sir?”

“When you are hungry, eat,” thoughtfully the master says, “When you are tired, sleep.”

The answer is astonishingly simple to the disciple, as he is expecting something sagacious. “Isn’t that what everyone does anyway, Sir?”

“No,” says the Master matter-of-factly, “Most people feed themselves with thousands of desires when they eat; and dream of thousands of designs when they sleep.”

Pondering deep.  The disciple nods his head and is happy with the new insight.


“Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity.
Put others first.
Desire little.”

Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching 19


Learning To Forgive

Many of us dwell in our past and burn in an inferno of rage and anger. It’s the desire for vengeance in our hearts which makes our lives miserable. Forgiveness extinguishes the fire of revenge and wrath in us. It’s the only tool which can offer us some peace. You must have heard the idiom, poison kills the poison but the only antidote to a wounded heart is forgiveness. An eye for an eye will make the world blind. Life throws at us many challenges and sufferings, keeping a grudge will only act as an arsenal to our burnt heart. Although easier said than done, forgiveness doesn’t come naturally to many of us. It’s but natural we wish to inflict the similar pain on the world as on our souls but at what cost? Forgiveness is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. Learning to forgive and forget will ensure you a happy and peaceful life. Only the most courageous and patient can forgive their adversaries.

How To Forgive?

Forgiveness is not an easy act; sometimes it’s more painful than the wound itself.  However, you have to understand that it’s the only road to peace. Forgiveness sets you from the mental shackles that we have enchained ourselves with. Whenever we attempt to forgive our torturer, we are setting ourselves free from the prisons of hatred and fire. Rather than counting and remembering the wounds, others have inflicted, try counting the right things and acts of virtues someone has done. Count your blessings every day and try to find good in others. Keep your self in other’s shoes and try to understand the perspective of another person.  Everyone makes mistakes we should have the strength to forgive them. Learn to forget the follies of others and appreciate them for their virtues and kind acts.

Holier Than Thou

We all are sinners in this world. There is no one in this world who has not committed a mistake or violated a rule. Intentionally and unintentionally we all have hurt others. If there is one thing that we all expect on the judgment day is God’s mercy and forgiveness. If God can forgive why can’t we? The self-righteous attitude will not serve us right; we are equally guilty in front of God. By forgiving and forgetting we are simply getting rid of all the toxic emotions which have hijacked us from our more genuine self. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we are letting the perpetrator go off the hook, but we are simply liberating our self from any negative emotions. Forgiveness is a choice which will set you free from the hurt.

How To Forget?

The whole process of forgetting is perhaps the most difficult, more difficult than the act of forgiveness. However, there is no point in forgiveness if one can’t forget the hurtful act. If we start counting minuscule little hurts our injuries our life will become a living hell. Forgetting is offering yourself a liberation from a painful memory and ensuring that your future is from heartache and pain. Accept every pain and hurt that life offers you as an enriching experience. Every heartache and wound will make you a better and a stronger person. No experience goes futile in this life.

Someone has very rightly put that, forgiveness is an attribute of strong for the weak can’t forgive. Rather than looking down at the follies of others, it’s better to see within ourselves.


The Hermit

Once a man from mountains
Prayed in a little cave, carved
By the mighty slopes, in his
Dark little den, the hermit
Sought the benevolent god
Twenty-eight days and nights
Storms howled, giant trees
Uprooted, jackals growled
But the denizen without
Flinching sat still, on the
Twenty-eight day of the ninth
Month, a vision bright as thousand
Suns appeared before him
Midst topaz light, copperish
Radiant wings visible,
What seeks though? Asked
The spirit replied to the humble
Hermit, I only seek god
A loud laughter, a roar
You seek lord in hollow caves
In empty graves, for god
Rests where humanity dwells.