Harp's Nylon Strings
Love, Nature, poetry

Harp’s Nylon Strings

bled cherry drops at your every exodus
My hearts-raced at every knock-on the
door, endless ebony nights were
spent on cupid’s lyre of harp’s
nylon strings.

Yet I thrived in backyards of your menacing
wastelands, only to grasp your ruthless
love’s gloom, like deep-deep cuts of
two-edged dagger.

I breathed despite all your wicked games, at times
drowning in insidious curvaceous waves of
lust and, others sweltering in blazes of
my own envious rage.

I survived the looks of disdain, the barrage of
abuses that reigned; while composing for
nights lovers of my kinds, a melancholic
melody of love on the harp’s nylon