feminine, Humanity, Kindness, Compassion, Love, Nature, poetry

The Gypsy Girl

Meant to be in arms of million men

Faint smile with a walk of Sophia Loren

Moving and swaying as wind does 

Mischievous in her talk, careless in the talk

Ferocious and evil as a twisted Medusa 

She exudes aroma of a cheap French Perfume 

Mysteriously glances from the corner of her eyes

Loosens up the button of lacy blouse, to get some air

On her translucent skin, from which one can view

the crimson hot  blood flowing with full force .

Droplets of fancy sweat on her upper lip, like

exquisite pearls from the Persian Gulf

Soft ample bosoms like Alps can’t contain her

overflowing youth, their is a strain of blue

innocence in her green veins, yet 

she is cautious as she knows the ways of

some men, of the evil that dwells in the world.

Tanya Shukla