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Her passing an irreparable loss, I knew

She will be gone before I will stand on my feet

Like a short-lived spring, she flowered and blossomed

And moved on to far lands, behind those tall mountains

Becoming some legend in a fabled, mythical distant land

Her angelic crisscross face echoing tales of a very hard life

Heavenly appearance that illuminated my whole being

The wrinkled shaky arms that embraced my grim childhood

She had already left while I hid behind one dark oak tree

I stood longing for some heavenly grace and sobriety

As I searched through slender caverns and hollow barks

Worn-out I fell into a deep slumber of a prophetic dream

A vision wrapped in bright topaz light floating above huge

Black thundering clouds of rain, “seek me in your heart”

Were the words, I awoke and simply carried on my path.


( This poem is dedicated my beloved grandmother, whose grace touched my life like no other)