Love, Nature

Fires of Pain

The mighty gods can wait

and angels can look upon

let me perform the rituals 

of fire, I knew I was never 

the one, hence let me drink

the fires of pain and slurp

it all down.


Let the cruel heats dissolve

veins and flush sinful skins,

only the excruciating blaze

can cool off the eternal



The stains on the bed, the

mute whispers narrated to

me that I was never to the be

one but  I decided to

walk on the bed

of hot cinders.


Let me twirl around the

flaming inferno, open

mine manes in the stormy

nights drop any vestiges

of shame and clap while

chanting the name of

Hestia the fire



Pick with my bare arms the 

scarlet embers to sooth the

wounds you gave, the scars 

you offered, let heat of cinders

cool off the bulbous bones

The blaze dissolve the

poisons of deceit and

trails of  betrayals.


Knowing that poison kills

poison, let me kill my woes

with more woes, slaughter

my sorrows with more

sorrows let me drink fires

of pain.