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Nineties Music

Twerking to lyres of

profane pop,

sliding steps, bouncy

hips, oozing boobs

thumping beats

shaken to that 90’s

pace, grooving,

swaying to heart’s 

desire, twirling neon


nasal notes, forget

jazz ,vintage melodies

or Chateau Petrus, 

dive in cheap shots.

today night lets

struck those

90’s chords..

feminine, Love, Nature, poetry, woman

Swaying To Notes of Thousand

Swaying to the 

notes of thousand 


dropping all shames

twirling round round,

like darvesh in 

wild wild forest.

Whatever happens 

will happen!

It’s all god’s will

why interfere

why despair?

Some days are bad

like today,

I am rollin rollin

going spiral down 

free falling..

Thought to bounce

swaying just pounce

dropping shames…

Whatever happens

will happen.

It’s all God’s will

why interfere?

why despair? 

All I can do

is to just brew

drink or flew

some champagne

bubbles …

You can hold

my hands behold

catch me when I am


kiss me or

miss me…

When swaying

with me swaying

to the notes of

thousand bagpipers

feminine, poetry, sensual, woman

Belly Dancer

A gentle fierce damsel
A face so exquisite 
From the fertile valley of 
Great Saharan lands with
Voluptuous serpentine moves
Sensuous tattooed hissing belly
Adorned with silver hip scarves 
Softly sexually on the rhythms
Of  Arabic darbuka
Back and forth, side to side
Teasing with tender bouncy
Bosoms trying to peek out, 
Of choli embellished with coins
Transparent meandering harem 
Pants allowing onlookers to 
Have a heavenly glimpse of 
Treasures hidden beneath in 
The sinful darker corners 
Evoking awe, a silent heartache
An ecstasy like being on 
Thousand opiates 

Tanya Shukla

( This poem is dedicated to the beautiful and feminine art of belly dancing. During my long work in middle-east, I got a chance to enjoy this ancient form of dancing, traditionally used to aid women in child-birth)