moon through trees
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As I sat bathed in random thoughts

At the edge of a vintage window

In the eerie stillness of one August night

I glanced upon a sight so astral

A celestial vision draped in pale 

A white heavenly silhouette peeking

At me through the darker ghostly leaves 

Emanating a softer radiance gently immersing

My entire physical form in an absolute

Glow so divine, I simply sat drenched

 In the ethereal luminosity, wondering 

At the miracles of mother nature.


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Tropical Rain

The scent of my land
still lingers in my hair
Aroma of sun-kissed marigold
A distant faint voice of turquoise peacock 
Ruffling its rainbow feathers, signaling 
The arrival of first showers of majestic monsoon
Slum children dancing euphorically 
Running around, tanned emaciated 
Waving, rejoicing at the bounty of vast blue sky
Flavors of fried bread, tangy mango sauce
Vapors of Colonial English tea
Peddled pavements forming small ponds
Revered Koel seated on the vines of
Delicate bougainvillea with its melodious
” Koo hoo” weaves a song of rain to
consummate with a mate waiting since long
Air filled with the sweet earthen smell of mud
Infant sprouts, excited saplings 
Oozing heads in thick fertile soils 
Of the basin of holy Ganges 
The mighty Brahmaputra swelled
Brimming with sacred white waters
Eroding every habitation standing its course
Blessed monkey army of deity ‘Hanuman.’
shrieking, jumping, thanking ” Inder.” 
The rain god for its benevolence 
Thundering bells in ancient temples 
Ablutions, salutations to the God 
Of Thunder and Hail, seated on a divine lotus
Pandits Performing “yagnas” fire rituals
Sacrificing hard shelled-coconuts,
Chanting Vedic mantras to appease 
Celebrating much-needed downpour.

-Tanya Shukla