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I don’t carry with me golden strings

of pompous words, nor an embroidery

of the  embellished locutions for 

what I carry in me is a bleeding heart

from where words gush out a greenish

pus from decomposing wounds forever

in loop for they never heal, as my brain

keep playing the same slapstick movie

again and again, my miserable spirit

trapped with in the grotesqueness of 

familial events, angered and then

sobered again!

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When I Die

When I die, do not cremate me

lets not erect massive tombs

or embellish any symbols,

Let nature take its course.


No one will weep or mourn

Just abandon my body on

The Towers of Silence of

ancient Zoroastrians followers

of Ahura Muzda.


Scavengers will nibble,

maggots will feast, worms

will build their abode in me

Nature will take its course.


If any morsel of my remains

is left, scatter it on the regal

Himalayas, the divine peaks

of my blessed ancestors.


Offer it the vast ocean whose

lapis-lazuli waters gushed in

my veins, where my aging mother

performed her final ablutions.


And if you need a shoulder

to lean on, seek the company

of wise old deer, who was the

only love of my life.


Make it known to the blind

pontiff in the dilapidated

temple across the sacred

river to spare me nectar

of the exquisite heavens.


For my hungry soul will take

the ancient route of Elephants

in search of moksha, and

vaporize in cyanic skies.


Nature will take its course…..




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The Colossal Poise

I ran naked midst tall elephant grasses

breathless, gasping for some air in my

emaciated lungs collapsing  on the

red Earth beneath.


Alarmed by the blob of sounds oozing

from the fissures, leaned  and settled

my left ear to listen to the heart-beats

of my own unborn still floating in 

 vast cores.


Gentle pulsing sighs of life gone too

soon from the bare lap, snatched savagely

from my bloody hands. In the hours

of gloom, I ask the cause of my doom;

 “Was it my doing?”

Is the question I implore the most!


I a poet could never muster strength

to take out few words from the repository 

of  the colossal dictionaries to pen an eulogy.

Could never erect a tomb for the light that

fizzled out in front of my  stony eyes, if only

I could cover the infant flame with my own

hands, is the probability I plead the most!


And just when I stooped further for hearing

a dark shadow hovered eclipsing rays of the 

blistering Sun, a giant moose beseeching me 

to leave, for now it was  the turn of the

Colossal Poise to kneel down…


Does it happen with you?

Hi all,

Today morning I got up with amazing feeling or rather intriguing. I felt really loving, so much so that I wished to say “ I love you” to every person out there 😬😬😬much to the annoyance of my partner 🤨. May be it was Sunday, or snow outside or the run 🏃‍♀️ I had in morning. I felt really happy getting up and full of love. But then I wondered why I wish to say I love you to everyone 🤔🤔, what kind of feeling is this?? Am I the only one who had such strange outpouring of love towards humanity out of the blue🧚‍♀️? I am no Mother Teresa types nor so compassionate, in fact according to my hubby I am mostly selfish 👁( I only care about my sleep naps and gluten free diets) Nonetheless it was a great feeling and I feel there is no harm in saying “ I love you” to people when we feel love ❤️. After a long time such wonderful feeling lasted 🤨

Does it happen with you?? Or I am the  only one having borderline symptoms 🤔🤔

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Dear Friends,

A happy  Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 to all of you!

Next week I’ll be flying to distant exotic lands in search of some warmth and sunlight, it’s getting cold here and my aging bones require vitamin-d. It will be long vocation for me, I’ll be traveling for two months😬😬( I know you must be wondering it’s too long)

And if my family gives me money or credit-cards few more months( which is highly unlikely) . I’ll be try to be regular on WordPress to read and share.

My destinations are far-flung lands exotic and vibrant in case any of you need any thing and I mean anything, please just don’t hestitate.

Don’t be apprehensive to inquire and ask. Everything is available on Amazon👍👍All you have to do is click  and order!! 👞👢👡👑👜whole world 🌎 is at your disposal!



Brutality of WordPress


Lovely people of blogosphere,  I’ve been issuing comments on your wonderful sites but once again heavens have conspired and I am blocked forever and  banished in your spams, in some cases I am exiled from spams as well. Endure this moment of great WordPress travesty with me, look up in skies and down in your spams and witness any hint or clue of my transient comments. Till the time we are on this mortal Earth dealing with Herculean  tragedies and brutalities of WordPress, Sirs and Madams, I urge you to bear with me in this moment of great catastrophe. Let’s  play the victory conchs and we shall be triumphant, till my last breath I promise I’ll keep commenting!! We shall meet in the new world sans spam folders but  till then behold your faces up in skies in northern  lights or down in raven  gorges  of your spams and rescue me or else I’ll be drowned as tempests are coiling!