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Doe Eyed Mercy

The doe-eyed mercy

paid a visit last night,

the heavenly, at times

a wretched appearance

of bleak pathos…

It coiled round and

round my sunken heart

hissing gradually stealthily

like giant headless

serpents seeking forgiveness

of misdeed long done

an act went wrong

decades back…

A deserving reparation

by throttling my fragile

heart to suck out all

the clemencies I must

offer, forgiveness I must

bid, as the porous

vapors of pity rose

from the sinful flesh

of burning carnal desires

morphing into the

tears of empathy

cascading on my hollow 

cheeks pouring from

the doe-eyed mercy



(Painting: Heer Ranjha, Shobha Singh)

Valley of hope
Humanity, Kindness, Compassion, Love, Nature, poetry

The Valley of Hope

Miracles  happen all the time in the valley of hope

crab pearls dwell in the darkest corners of oceans

finest beauty emerges out of pits of intense sufferings

exquisite love ballads are sung by lovers with broken-hearts

rare florets do bloom even in the harsh winds of autumn

love always come to those who knows how to love

prayers do get heard of those who knows how to kneel

gods do stand in respect to those who walk with humble grace

miracles happen all the time in the valley of hope



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The Loveliest Soul Of All!

One fine day, the prophet of love summoned his four apostles to bring forth,

the most lovable soul, the emissaries laughed for bestowing upon the task so

basal” how difficult it would be?” Grinned the one with an air of disdain but

with the task in hand and the urgency of the prophet, the four proponents glided

in opposite directions to search for the soul  loveliest of all!


First encountered a lover embracing his beloved vowing to lay his humble life

for love, the apostle heavy-hearted flew back after making a note, the second

apostle came upon a man of who held an expensive banquet in the name of immortal

love, having made a note too he soared back on his winged clouds to the prophet.


The third prophet had a rare rendezvous with a blind poet, writing love ballads on

dry leaves, the apostle had tears in his eyes and feeling assured  he met the most

lovable soul in the world, went back to the prophet. The last apostle wandering whole

day in vain discovered a farmer delicately burying a little pomegranate in moist soil


Bewildered for the apostle has never seen such sight went close and heard “my poor

baby pomegranate couldn’t breathe onslaught of storm anymore,” the apostle went

back to prophet disappointed for not meeting the lovable soul he bet. Each emissary

narrated shares of their soul’s glory, after a patient hearing, the prophet proclaimed

the humble farmer burying his pomegranate fruit of having the soul loveliest of all!





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Cacophony Of Sounds

Silence fills you
like nothing else
a need, an addiction
a compulsion
Let the seconds,
minutes, hours 
be infused with-quietness 
draw the blinds of heart
rejoice in tranquility
of poise contractions
stillness of fleeting moments
freeze the much
pervasive solitude 
pause the endless cacophony 
of incoherent sounds,
of million thoughts. 
Let our hearts
become the shrines
of calmness and serenity
those who fear silence 
will not go so far.

Humanity, Kindness, Compassion, Inspiration, Love, Nature, poetry


Love is in the sigh of an aching lover

It is at the feet of an aging mother

Love is in the petals of a beautiful rose,

It  is in the farewell of a soldier who goes

Love is in the act of a divine consummation 

It  is in a pleasure of an orgasmic elation 

Love is in first showers of awaited rains

It is never done for any mundane gains 

Love is in everything that God reserve

It is what you and me rightfully deserve





Humanity, Kindness, Compassion, Inspiration, Legend, Literature, Love, Nature


I took refuge in myself as a

hermit in an ancient cage,

enduring the thunders and 

the howls of angry wolves

in my brain, as the centers

would not hold, no one ever

cared for my broken words

so I started to scribble long

verses on my aching heart

while taking refuge in my

my withered soul caged by

the barrage of human folly.