Fear of woman in window


Fear lives on that peak,

once on the mountain top;

It cascades down like an

avalanche, takes debris

with itself but fear comes

down, it reaches its zenith,

changes into cool blue before

settling into bottomless

pit . It rises up-down fros

side to side but fear comes

down, it settles down!


All is done

Stiffened in a corner

my chores are all done

for today. There is mild

nod, no applause.

Few mono syllables of

urgency are conveyed.

I guess its’s enough for

today, few flowers are yellowed

some contemptuous seeds

have fallen.

But my work is all done

for today!

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Abuse Mechanism

There is no individual as far as I can see who has not been either abused or inadvertently part of abusing someone. Someone brilliantly remarked in life you are abused by some and you abuse some. I don’t know whether, I agree with the statement or not , but I do feel we all need to develop a thick rhino skin to be able to withstand the conniving abuse mechanisms of certain people unfortunately of few who are closely related.

In couples very often children are used as a ploy to threaten each other. I’ve been in a position several times where I’ve been threatened that my daughter will be taken away if I try to leave. Earlier out of fear very often I’ll give in due to fear of being separated from my child but lately I’ve decided not to let the fear paralyze me and allow things to unfold. I guess once bullies and abusers are shown that you don’t fear the consequences, it breaks the whole pattern of abuse. What do you 🤔 think??

As they say there is a bigger victory awaiting after fear… . It’s disheartening that the weakest individuals among choose such mechanisms to intimidate and weaken the spirits of others. Some of us give in thinking that may be this is the end and get caught up in vicious cycle of abuse mechanism. If you feel you’ve been in similar pattern of abuse, I feel you need to first get rid of the debilitating fear and seek help, I’m sure it’s available or talk to near and dear ones.

Most importantly break the pattern of your own fear and anxiety!


My Due

Again didn’t get my due ,

a mere tiny dew on the greenish

hue, it was here but now

It’s gone. A due that I

thought I earned , I was

told is now all burnt.

With blank eyes I see,

my share passed on to the

to the shadow on the right.

While I turned to my emaciated self,

the gloated shadow flipped its

monstrous ears , came and stood

this time on my left.