shallow focus photography of green caterpillar on green leaf
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Life’s worth is captured

in minuscule moments,

which one lives.

No existence is dignified

nor stands on a merit or meter.

The worth lies in

that humble feeling

of being Alive.

8 thoughts on “Worth”

    1. Very wisely put Ivor, everyone has a purpose for existence. True that, thank you so much for stopping by 💐

  1. We all know that life is momentary, but it is as much enigmatic! While waiting for an exciting future event, the time seems to run at snail’s pace but good times just fly off in a jiffy!

    1. True that life is momentary and enigmatic…. it’s worth Is in living :). Thank you very much for stopping by, much appreciate it!

  2. The value is in the moment when you feel the essence of living. The essence is nowhere but in the breath that you take. The more aware you are of your breathing, the more you will feel the essence of life.

    1. Absolutely, very well put. The essence of life is in the breath. Thank you very much for stopping by, truly appreciate it 🙏

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