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You my dear love, like a sceptic shock

entered my limbs and gave me a

a wasted kiss.

A lazy embrace which lay stretched

like hollow streets, hyper, hypnotic I ran

towards those sepia streets.

Time didn’t freeze, as it never does,

Yes! Sun will be the Moon tomorrow;

never doubt what the blind women say.

Wind withers on letting her raven hairs

down, making way for that barefooted

dreary dawn.

To descend coyly in the wedding gown

and embrace the Sun and the Sewage;

You and me in it’s sandy shroud.

31 thoughts on “Dawn”

    1. I’m glad John you liked it, I like gothic poetry with dark themes. I was read Baudelaire and this idea came about 🤔

      1. never read Baudelaire; will look him up this arvo and try a few in translation; don’t think my High School French will suffice 🙂

      2. I enjoy his poems a lot along with stories by Guy de Maupassant , I also read translations. I only took two French classes …😑 in my life.

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