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An Ordinary Beauty

Today once again in
a celebration of a beauty
so ordinary, blew me a candle. 
Ordered a velvet cake 
smeared some face paint.
Put on those choo heels 
and performed ablutions to Medusa
The goddess of our kinds 
hollowed eyes, sunken cheeks 
Frizzy hair, flabby flesh 
Sagging bosom, plunging neck 
Echoing an average tale 
Of a working woman’s face 
Not your usual Grecian model 
Nor Venus, nor Aphrodite,  
No circassian wasp-waisted
beauty embellished in Indian jewels 
but very own pin-up doll in
the living room just back from
Nine to five shift, sultrous
hot and sweaty as hell, 
Crownless queen of a 
Bankrupt sultanate, a familiar 
Unsung belle in the kitchen of your harem 
Tinkling copper pot and pans, 
Ruffling golden knives and forks 
Castrated in a golden cage 
Woman of a ruined withered ottoman sultan.   I’ll give you kiss

and show you my moves

first let my water my plants…

39 thoughts on “An Ordinary Beauty”

    1. Thank you very much Ardine for your kind words, I’m glad you feel the same. But aren’t most of the women fall in this category working from 9-5 and then taking care of home…

      1. How are bodies change after working, rearing children but then you have other beauties on magazine covers 🙂

      2. Yes Times are changing for the better! Till then we can celebrate our beauty however imperfect but at least real 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Megha, I am so glad you liked it, truly appreciate your kind read! I knew you will identify with it 🙂 how our lives change managing work, home and kids and the beautiful models on magazine covers and then we 🤓taking care of everything but us !!

      1. Yes that true..but that’s the essence of being a caretaker but never stop taking care of you too.This can go hand in hand.
        I have also learned this the hard way. So starting this year I named it ” Care of the caregiver”

      2. Yes even I am now paying attention to myself somehow, and focusing on myself !

    1. Absolutely besides who define what beauty is? Some magazines covers or media can’t decided for us. We are realistic and therefore beautiful even if our beauties are unsung!! 🙂

      1. How are you Deborah? I couldn’t catch up with you, are things somewhat clear now?

      2. It im feeling better thanks Tanya. Scott and I cleared everything up. We are still talking but not talking about money anymore. I feel calmer and happier now. Thank you for checking up on me. 💖

  1. Thanks a lot, in celebration of women who manage career and home with more real beauties than on magazine covers! I am glad you liked it:)

    1. Thanks honey for your kind read, truly appreciate it. I am glad my words resonated. Have a great evening!

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