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Wise Clown

Some exist a wise clown,

dwelling peacefully in

the grim garbs of a jester.

Sprouting often exquisite pearls,

of wisdom here and there;

somewhere in between the

words that men consider banal.

While few exist intellectual

suffering peevishly in the

golden robe of a wise man.

Shackled enslaved by their

pretentiousness, declined and despised

by their intellect. Banished and

forever cursed to measure each word

with someone’s rhyme and meter.

35 thoughts on “Wise Clown”

      1. I’m glad that you are more clearer and happy now. We are all struggling and fighting our battles, I’m doing fine.

    1. I’m glad you liked it, I’ve lately developed a disdain for intellectual pretentiousness !

      1. Social media has given spurt to such species . By the way wrote on you, check out in my blog comment where you permitted me to write

      2. Couldn’t agree more, I’ am definitely gonna check out the poem, thanks for putting thought and time into it!

  1. Oh, Tanya, this is so wonderful. I m so glad I read you again. Your posts did not appear on my reader anymore. I don’t know why. I thought you were not blogging anymore. Anyway, I hope everything is well with you and here I am again happy to read you.

    1. Thanks G, yes I was not posting regularly as I was on a teaching assignment across the continent. Now back and trying to be regular! How have you been? It’s so nice to hear from you!

      1. My pleasure Tanya. I am glad to hear everything is ok and I look forward to your future post. I am fine thank you for asking. Sending you plenty of love 🥰🌹👍🤗❤️

    1. True that, we do have many clowns in the political circus, what a spectacle they put up!

    1. Inspiration for this came from Jesters and Clowns in Shakespearean plays who often were the voice of truth, agree totally that stands-ups deliver the harshest truth. Both comedians and satirists are pivotal for any healthy society.

      1. Yes so our modern day comedians are like jesters… not only for comic relief but for blurting out truths. Shakespearean jesters indeed are amazing and complex characters!

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