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The regal parade continues to march on.

Many who exist in silent, will reach the end.

Few Spirited ones will depart near the next turn.

Corpses will be shoved by the strapping boots.

Blood stains will rust up on the parched land.

The glorious spectacle is a site to behold.

The regal parade continues to march on.

16 thoughts on “Parade”

  1. A beautiful poetic tribute to elephants, Tanya.

    I like elephants.

    It’s sad that people hunt them.

    That’s when King Juan Carlos became unpopular.

    Back in 2012 when he went on an elephant hunting expedition with his mistress.

    He had to abdicate a couple of years later as King of Spain.

    1. Thanks for your like and comment Drac, true poachers hunt them for tusks, I didn’t know that King Juan went elephant hunting., sad and horrible!

    1. True that, mankind has abused elephants for long, thanks for your like and insight. Truly appreciate it.

    1. Journey of life… I’m glad you liked this one. Parade of survival.. appreciate your insight.

    2. Hey thanks for your like and kinds words, I’m glad you find the post to be relevant, truly appreciate it.

    1. True that, they definitely deserves better life, thanks for your kind words, truly appreciate it.

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