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Devil in a Sea of Men

Disguised in the

hollow curves of

your eloquent words,

do I hear a vicious

hissing ; whispers of

a conniving heart?

Why do I visualize

a serpentine on the rock?

I’m not beguiled by

your deceptive talks.

By the tinkering of your

silver coins.

For I’ve on my hump back

burden of enough winters

to mark a

Devil in a sea of Men.

12 thoughts on “Devil in a Sea of Men”

    1. Thanks Dracul, I do like to create images and symbolism in my words, I guess partly because I’m a visual person.

  1. A smooth talker, but a soul full of lies. A heart on a pedestal, but the words not persuasive. A fist full of dollars, but a heart that can’t be bought. When the coldness, is a past with too many… chilling moments! Nice share!

    1. How beautifully you’ve captured the essence of my poem, your lines are a poetry in itself. Thanks you Warren.

    1. Michael she is hell of a woman 🙂 thanks for your like and insight. Truly appreciate it.

    1. Yes smooth talking people can sometimes be deceptive esp. those who come across very confident and over the top!

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