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The ceremony of innocence is drowned.”

W. B Yeats

Out of ceremonial fires emerged,

tiny amber sparks of soot.

Fires were lit to please the

dormant demigod.

Saintly priest offered one thousand

ablutions to the mighty

demagogue , enthroned

on a regal Peacock Throne.

A neck was twisted, a cord broken,

out of hollow spine;

gushed ruby coloured brooks of blood.

A spectacle of blood-bath assembled

to sacrifice an Innocent at the

altar of a strapping few.

16 thoughts on “Innocent”

    1. That’s true, I guess somewhere it’s survival of the fittest. The straight and knives ones are slaughtered first . Thanks for your great insight. Why don’t you try out as book critic or movie critic, you have such amazing knowledge of current affairs and your so well read! Thanks

      1. I did try to apply to be a journalist, reporter, book or movie critic when I lived in Vancouver in 2016.

        I dropped off my resumes but never heard back from any of them.

        Unable to find a job, I lost my Vancouver apartment and wound up in Calgary in a homeless shelter.

        Now I’m tired of living in a big city and want to move to a small town.

      2. Well that’s a real shame, only if they would have known your expertise and talent. Are you still in Calgary?

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