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Autumn Leaf

An autumn leaf

you slowly withered


Carried on the chariot

of the cruel winds,

the pigment of life

eventually faded.

Stretched on the pyre

of sandalwood clouds,

you looked peaceful!

Wish could keep a

you a leaf, in a glass jar,

a souvenir forever.

With my hands clasped

in yours, we will

laugh together at

the frivolities of

this world.

RIP my beautiful

Man! RIP!

22 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf”

    1. Thanks Dracula, write it for someone who departed, it’s been some time though. I guess it’s the COVID-19 which is not letting me shed the sadness. Going to gym now in a hope exercise might help 🙂

  1. Sandalwood clouds was epic.
    “Wish could keep a/you a leaf, in a glass jar,/a souvenir forever” was the highlight. At the high of your poem, you introduced these words. Humbling everything. Perfect landing Professor.

    1. Thanks a lot for your insight, I’m glad that you liked it, truly appreciate it. Regards.

      1. No I don’t dwell in the past but I do have a very live imagination. Honestly I never thought I’m a good poet really, I’m skeptical.

      2. Haha. At least you are in touch with language due to teaching profession . Am miles away. But its ok. I mean just let out what you have to offer. No one is judging you personally and if someone is, hardly matters.

      3. Yeah I do pen what I feel, not restricting myself from any topic as such.

      4. That’s true, I do write a lot also lead a very active life with family, my students my fitness instructor.. everyone helps a bit.

      5. Not ignored really, as I said I’m only active on blog, got a very tight schedule and have many deadlines to catch

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