wind's tale
life, Nature, poetry


Once again spiraling down

the bottomless pits of

all-consuming thoughts.

Is it the high tides in the sea

or simply a patch of dark clouds?

May be it’s the Northern winds

curled up by silent thoughts.

May be the dystopic reality or

my aging myopia from whose

prism , I can faintly view the

blurring horizon at whose

mid-point, saffron daylight

ceases into the kohl

darkness of night.

28 thoughts on “Myopia”

    1. Wow what an insight, death of the poet and the birth of the reader. When a reflection is more profound than the few lines of poetry. How kind of you Shanyu truly appreciate it. Regards.

      1. Well I’m not active much on social networking being a full time professional and a toddler to take care of, have no time at hands.

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