Wedding Carpet
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In the dark corner of the house adorned a crimson hued Tabrizi rug,

gifted to me as the wedding present, imported from the mountains;

of Hindu-Kush, embellished with poppy flowers and lovers’ passionate hugs

Violet borders bejeweled with a fine needlework of embroidered springs.


Especially handcrafted from the hands of a virgin maid with lofty desires

Intricately woven with the woolly knits and exquisite twisted golden wires

So how it became a constant companion in my otherwise blissful nuptial voyage

taking the shape and creases of my body in its crimson folds, so clairvoyant


We both grew to confide and embrace each other on moonless nights

During the dark nights I would hear vague cries and faint sighs

And would awoke by the silent sobbing and consistent choking sounds

The tormenting shrills one makes when inflicted with a fresh wound


After long desperate searches in the eerie neighborhoods in vain

I decided to hunt down the sniveling offender on a night when it rain

As I searched and rifled, discovered it came from the joints of the rug

Deep with in the sews of silverfish anklets and bangles, felt as if on high drug


Veiled and shackled a gaunt silhouette appeared in the woolen cracks

Thickened clots of cherry blood from bruised hands left its tracks

The sobbing sounds grew louder and a known voice pierced through

“My virgin hands intricately weaved the wires of gold and silver to woe


 I dared to dance with my heart’s desire with men of different tribe

A misconduct for which I was to be buried-alive in sews and imbibe

Frozen embalmed in the embroidered joints I came back from death

When your warm saline tear cascaded in my mouth I finally took a breath”


We  became  lovers of sorts, embracing on moonless nights,

Fasted and prayed on our Tabrizi rug, shed tears, took gentle sighs

 It became a seminary a refuge when her or mine master was around!

 Until the inauspicious day of a long lunar month when we both were found

Castrated for our naked sins, she was burnt while I was forever hound!








53 thoughts on “THE WEDDING CARPET”

    1. Wow, that’s so kind of you to say, I’ve published one book and surely will take out another. I am glad dear that you liked it. I truly appreciate it. Regards

  1. Damn beautiful. What a story teller you are. The story of the virgin maid weaved in a rug and the juxtaposition of your reflection in it, then finding solace only to be separated again from your own alter ego. I am at loss of words. Your talent is sublime, your words powerful and thoughts aberrant

    1. Good morning !Thanks Shantanu for endowing such kind words and praises, I am really glad that you liked it. Appreciate it truly!

      1. Wat time u all get up, I still in the bed and may be for next couple of hours 🤭

      2. Mine sleeping coz at night my daughter keeps getting up, and I literally end up sleeping on carpet and weave poems

      3. She is 18 months, keeps waking up and sleeps in my arms so whole nyt this goes on

      4. Oh god how did you raise two, I struggle with one ha ha, my grandmother has 8 kids how? I mean just how they raise more than one

      5. Sounds comforting, I had my daughter just after few months of my marriage hence I wrote so many poems of freedom and emancipation from husband ha ha

    1. Hi Dougherty thanks for taking out time and reading my work. I’m glad you liked it, I’ve always been drawn to supernatural and mystical stuff hence this narrative poem, also wished to highlight the plight of young brides in patriarchal cultures. Regards.

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