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Forbidden Steak

Enthroned regal on the chef’s handpicked

plate, adorned with the Grecian cutlery.

Crowned with a dash of lush-push

glistening glorious butter surrounded with 

the gleeful wild mushrooms, snobbish

handpicked Romas, and that indifferent

Sun-baked Potato King.


Juices of Youth overflowing through

edges, butchered  just this morning by

some sturdy Polish hands, around

The Madison Square Gardens…


If wars were fought for the Helen of Troy 

or Roman Empire was fallen who knows?

A sinful bite of those decadent juices from

luscious fats is worth all the battles taken

with the mighty Vegan empire.


Choirs of the Weight-Watchers might

conspire, The great David may 

not rescue this time…


Gods smile on beings who resist and

endure, I might never be under any

benevolence or in League-Extraordinaire

of Skinny and Thin


I’ll surrender to the horrors of every 

calorie-watcher or prying gaze of my

wise Aerobics master. I’ll sing my grace

and dig into the flesh of forbidden

Steak today..


23 thoughts on “Forbidden Steak”

    1. Thanks Count, what a vision a juicy and succulent steak, I dream of it quiet often esp now that I’m trying to diet, it’s heavenly! Isn’t? I knew you will like as just like me you appreciate humor!

    2. How are you count? Saw your comment today, I am glad you found the poem humorous. I am sure you love juicy steaks too 🙂

    1. I am trying to lose weight man, and diet but can’t stop thinking of Steaks and fried food, I keep watching cooking videos on YouTube. I was in New York couple of days ago but the poem is figment of my imagination…. I supposed butcher will be Polish around Madison square, Chef might be French 🤪, David is actually my exercise trainer ( lot) my mom is vegan…. and I’m hungry but I’ve to count calories 🥵🥵

      1. Haha. Story very resonating. Such temptations often make our resolute weak. But with a trainer and a vegan mom I am sure bright days are ahead 😊

      2. Yes it’s my tragic story!! I know my Trainer has been very patient with me for an Year now 🙂, he hasn’t given up on me! Well my mom although a vegan does her best to load my food with every plant or dairy fat imaginable to compensate for fried chickens and steaks!

      3. The first step is the thought and the second step is to take an action. You have taken two giant steps, I am sure rest will follow 🌸🌸

      4. You are correct, finding time out of work, house chores, a toddler is tough some times! But I guess trying is worth! My trainer has been really helpful in all this, I wonder why hasn’t he given up 🤪🤪

      1. I understand, same here! Some days are good while some are overwhelming. I was wanting to have your phone number Megha if you don’t mind!

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