I Am A Sucker!

Yes life hurls stones and pebbles

fate bombards proxies, follies

phonies but hold on….

I am a sucker for one more!

I devour failure like a hungry

homeless for I’ve nothing to eat

so I gulp every failure down my

parched throat till the-bitter liquid

of failure syncs-with the juices in

my emaciated stomach…

Oh! It churns, it widens but I ask

for more, I ask for more! I am a

sucker for all the losings humans

are capable of! I tasted sweet

success this morning when I took

that hard stone on my heart,

laughed at one more lie, swallowed

one more bitter pill, devoured

one more failure down my throat!

I am a sucker!


23 thoughts

    • Thanks Megha I’m so glad that my words resonated, truly appreciate it. Credit goes to my in laws, they are here for vocation!

  1. Hi Tanya. Somehow I keep missing your posts. I think I still have ongoing technical issues of some sort. Enjoyed reading your posts again. We keep pressing on, don’t we? I think we are all suckers at one time or another. I trust life is going well for you my friend. 🙂

    • Hey Ron, no you haven’t been missing my posts! Lately I’ve not been posting much, been busy with work and family. I’m doing fine, trust that you are doing good! I agree we all are suckers at one time or another! Life is all about putting up a good fight isn’t?

      • That’s right. I remember you mentioned work and family. I’m glad you’re doing good. I agree – fight a good fight and keep the faith. 🙂

      • My daughter is growing up, hence most of my time and energy is devoted to her! Rest on other chores and work 🙂

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