Am I nostalgic? 

For the sinful youthful

gone by, the momentary

bubbles of champagne 

burs-ted vanished into thin


Am I nostalgic? 

Of the elusive lovers

lost in the abysses of spiral


Am I nostalgic? 

Of the silent tears and

melancholia heart

of my youth!

Am I nostalgic?

Of my fleeting vanity 

and the pride sunken deep in

rustic old mud


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  1. Insightful and nice flow, resurrecting some of the past memories that remind us today. We are part of our past, present and future – and we learn every day. Glad you’re doing well. Our busy lives do require adjustment of time. I’m retired now but seem to be as involved as I was working full time. I hope to get back to regular posts and reading more of them. 🙂 Blessings and love.

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