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A Glance


A glance is enough for the heart to beat

to  transform naivety into shrewdness 

of some kind, many long for it in the ancient past

to moisten their dry parched youth, as the case

it never befalls where it ought to, yearnings

fossilized froze in the corner of heart, birds

never chirp on the skeletal trees, insects don’t

dwell in the deceased fallen barks, dimpled

cheek cupids doesn’t appear for those who

always wait and sigh, no ballads are sung

on the onset of  youth, nor a tear on its passing,

some do age without the grace of a glance

and leave the grim world  still longing for

 one glance.


19 thoughts on “A Glance”

    1. I know, a glance can go a long way. There is so much suffering in the world, I feel overwhelmed.Thanks for reading it, i truly appreciate it.

    1. Beautifully words, yet sad. There is a Spanish saying that tells: Una mirada vale mรกs que mil palabras ( One look is worth a thousand words).

      1. Marta, you framed it beautifully in Spanish, indeed one look is worth a thousand words,. Thanks for stopping by truly appreciate your kind words.

  1. Hi Dear, I have nominated you for Mystery Blogger award. You well deserve that . Please check up my latest post for details <3

    Awaiting to read your responses ๐Ÿ™‚

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