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Life Happens

We begin grand, lofty 

curved, meshed up chords 

entangled at the centers, 

lefts and rights, inflated at 

the very core  with crimson

bloods raging and ranting

in those youthful bulbous

veins but then Boom! One 

more sonic Boom! A Bang!

Life happens….

I am no enlightened soul

I am nobody, just address me

somebody , but I know my

mama told me,

Life will straighten out the

most twisted chords!


21 thoughts on “Life Happens”

    1. Thanks a lot G, well life straighten out everyone out, those who don’t they are living in a vegetative state. Truly appreciate your insight!

    1. Thanks Shantanu, truly appreciate my friend and yes you are right, it surely will… 🙂

    1. Absolutely, you framed it beautifully, “time does its magic and iron’s out all those wrinkles” brilliant. Thanks for your insight!

    1. Absolutely, life has its own way….it brings down the most lofty. Thanks alot dear friend for reading and your insight. Truly appreciate it!

  1. Hence the need to persevere and not give up. I guess sometimes it takes others to help us untwist the tangles and bindings too. 🙂

    1. I guess you are right Ron, we always need others to untwist the bindings… I totally agree. Also to the fact that we should persevere and not give up! Truly appreciate your insight. Thanks my friend!

      1. My pleasure 🙂 and I’m glad my words could stir something 😉

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