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Wish Something Do Us Apart ( humor)

Auspicious rings are exchanged holy priest

with a same weird slurp proclaims

them man & wife, little did they

they know, the perpetual struggle

is the fate they signed for.


From now on they are soul mates

in epic fashions of their parents who

till lived agreed on almost nothing,

It’s all but the lawful decree…


After years of challenge against a planned

disregard, one will succumb take a

beat and offer incessant yeses

impromptu head-nodes, several 

conceited smiles, a reassurance

that I am still listening,


An affirmation that the ring from Christies

is still shining bright, then there are days

of extortions, money- launderings  just

when situation seems under control

bachelor St. Valentines is approaching

with 1000-dollar bills…


More blackmails and menaces are insight

monstrous-in-law are heard knocking

on the front-doors, opportunist kids

slid through back-doors waiting for

the right moment, siding always

with the opposite party.


Finally silent negotiations are made on 

the dinner tables, where sizzling hot

pies are served, each disgruntled

soul thinking I deserve the best

piece of that pie…

30 thoughts on “Wish Something Do Us Apart ( humor)”

    1. Thanks a lot Bill, my humorous take on marriages and soul mates, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks G, my humorous take on soul-mates and marriages 😜, well I hope it does! All are in similar predicaments 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading Megha, all in humor but we live this joke some hours a week at least 🙂 soul mates 😜

    1. Absolutely, you got it my friend no dilemmas here, after all they are soul mates, remember !

    1. It was more of a humor, dark side is part and parcel of good side :), thank you so much for reading out, truly appreciate it!

      1. Well we are enjoying and even getting accolades for it on our blogs 🤪🤪🤪most inspiration comes from that inevitable

    1. Kareem I am glad you enjoyed, it was meant to be to a dark humor. Truly appreciate your insight :). Peace

      1. Well there are two sides of coin, since most are very good in showing one side, I thought let me bring up the other one 🙂

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