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Daylight Saving

The days of grand Camelot are over,

dark ashen damp dew now hovers; 

The freshly baked pies are a hoax

At least that’s what we have been coaxed

Daylight saving is now fluctuating

Am I still hallucinating? 

When glorious God said let their be light 

he knew not over here it was still night.

Intellectuals and their thoughts

but  there are no causes to be fought

Wordsworth’s English daffodils are blooming 

once again my lazy brain is fuming.

I overslept thinking it was a raven night,

but weather channel said it’s all hyped

get up there is enough light!

Green goddess Springdales has arrived

Wait I don’t see a single twig in sight,

my neighbor’s garden is still white!



35 thoughts on “Daylight Saving”

    1. Thanks Ramyani here in eastern time we are again putting up with this strange daylight saving, I’ve never understood the concept😬

    1. Ha ha Count thanks a lot, it’s so crazy 😜 this daylight saving I’ve never understood its concept, thanks for stopping by!

  1. said it so well.. Where is Spring and why the heck do we keep doing this shifting forward clocks things every year. and as always your words flow beautifully.

    1. I know Megha, it makes no sense. Today we all got up late, adjusting back and forth is not easy, and yes where is the spring? It was snowing the other day anyhow thanks for kind words, truly appreciate it!

      1. I know I was sick of cold weather, we were confirmed almost for 4 months, was crazy!

    1. Thanks Ronin for your kind words, truly appreciate it! Day light saving is crazy isn’t?

      1. For sure. For some reason my body has to adjust for about a week each time it changes. I can’t figure that out. 😏

      2. I know it’s same here, I am still trying to be on time, but pertinent question what’s the whole purpose of it 🤪🤪🤪

      3. I read where our former Florida governor, now Senator Rick Scott plans to introduce legislation to do away with daylight savings time. It probably won’t get traction though.

      4. I know for once even Trump doesn’t like that… lets see what happens, I read somewhere that a study proves its not healthy to have daylight saving!

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