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Nineties Music

Twerking to lyres of

profane pop,

sliding steps, bouncy

hips, oozing boobs

thumping beats

shaken to that 90’s

pace, grooving,

swaying to heart’s 

desire, twirling neon


nasal notes, forget

jazz ,vintage melodies

or Chateau Petrus, 

dive in cheap shots.

today night lets

struck those

90’s chords..

28 thoughts on “Nineties Music”

    1. Hey G, thanks so much, I was listening to some dance numbers from 90’s and this poem happened, truly appreciate it. Keep dancing 💃 enjoy!

    1. Thanks a lot Shantanu, I am so glad you enjoyed it, ready for 🎸 rock and roll and some dance yeah!!

    1. Thanks Count stopping by, hope you are having great weekend! I know Salem’s there is even a movie on her life, although I never watched myself, 90’s pop was amazing 😉

    1. Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed it, pop music of 90’s is amazing, great numbers! Hope ur enjoying your holidays 🙂

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