Mysterious melody
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Madam Neverhurry’s Mysterious Malady

Madame Neverhurry cousin

of  Gustav Flaubert’s

Mrs Bovary,awoke at past 12

Suffering from a malady

Known as melancholy,

Casts her glance on the

Day’s chore, bored puts

The blinds back on, deciding

To have some high tea,

Summons, mischievous elves

On fire wings impatient

Yells “to get lost and bring

Forth aromatic mint tea with

Hazel nuts three or four”

On first command the elves

Disappeared, conjuring

A mysterious tea in glasses

Of crystal while the Madame

Put powders and billows,

adorning her buffet with

One Exquisite Ostrich feather

competing with the slopes

of Alps, all while thinking of

day’s chores and bitchy gossips

to be done which caviar to

be served with what exotic wine

at customary evening suppers

while discussing a mysterious

malady  possessing modern ladies

known  something as depression

so much work to do all 

in a day, madam fainted

at 1 while still in satin beds

Personal elves hurried worried

Bellowing some wind trying

to revive with peacock

fans, “oh poor madam,

suffering pangs of

melancholy once again”


( Dedicated to all my beautiful women who loves to get up past noon)


18 thoughts on “Madam Neverhurry’s Mysterious Malady”

    1. Thanks Bill, I appreciate your kind read. The poem is just a humorous take on women like me who like to get up late…I love humor and wit and like to pen such poems.

  1. Thanks Shantanu, it for all those woman who sleep till late and then faint again thinking of the work that is left to do…

    1. I know, I got up so late today and just felt like penning this poem, looking at the work that I needed to do 🙂

      1. I hate myself being a cleanliness freak..I can stil still till the house is clean. I hate that sometimes because I can;t rest even when I’m tired.

      2. Well I love decorating and cooking, can you believe even at midnight I feel I should bake some sweets or change the setting of furniture.

    1. Well, I’m an ordinary woman who gets up at noon, and expects delicious tea in bed but I never get it so weave such poems. By the way thanks for your kind read and comment, truly appreciate it.

    1. This poem is dedicated to me, I don’t like getting up early.🤪🤪, not s morning person 😬

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