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Cold Insight

Hello all,

I hope you all are doing fine, well the cold in my part is not going away. Due to frigid cold all my creative juices have seemed to be frozen , I am being knocked down by strong currents of  weather related gloom, well two things that are keeping my sane are Exercise and Cartoons. I have some divine callings as well, I am often thinking of higher entity as well. I feel I need to be less materialistic and do away with my cosmetics, carbs and insecurities ( my allowance and in-law😉s).

I can be possessive at times over my stuff and people but my new gained cold insight tells me that I need to let go of all the possessions.  Although I don’t take myself very seriously but I need to try to be more humble. Let everything go, and take a holy dip in frozen lake somewhere . Kids will eventually grow up and leave, (cosmetics have already frozen) husband has his life too, what good is holding on? Attachment is the cause of all the suffering as Buddha says and very aptly so! I wish I can take a refuge somewhere in Himalayas, I know I have a monk inside me somewhere. But there are few things I can’t leave, carbohydrates (Chips, Pasta and Pizza), Cosmetics (lipsticks mainly) and Books ( although I read less now a days).

Well Ill catch you all later, I’ve to go to spa for my routine massage and then may be over nice glass of red wine and glazed shrimp, ill introspect more over possessions and attachments!!

Take care !



40 thoughts on “Cold Insight”

  1. Is it just me who is seeing humor in your gloom or it’s actually there🤔……….😀 I loved this and trust me I resonate with a few things listed above

    1. Life seen in short-run is tragic and in long-run comic said the great Chaplin. Sakshi gloom can be comic too coz it’s without any specific reason 😬, it’s just there even if I shed tears there should be reason but there is none🤪. But I do feel I need to let go of people and stuff and be less attached! What you say?

      1. Oh dear I am happy to have reached there …… I have detached myself from a lot people and things …..and not that I am oblivious of their presence but I don’t allow invasion in my emotional space … …. It’s liberating

      2. Yes I try to do that too, but sometimes I again find myself at the bottom, humor help of-course, emotional liberation is the true emancipation. Agreed

      3. We are all work in progress …… I have learned with few and I still fumble with few …….humor for sure helps . I hope you are able to cut a few chords and feel less burdened

      4. Yes I get you, it’s a work in progress! May be I’m too touch but then again I need to as you said cut a few chords and work on my emotional-liberation.

  2. Ha ha, hypothermia🤪🤪, venom is the antidote for venom…. may be cure for cold is more cold 🥶, by the way Canada is very much cold, I don’t know how you live 😬

      1. Gosh it’s cold there 😬, please go ahead and take a bow in Bow river , yes end of suffering forever!

      2. Gosh it’s cold at your place…you take a bow at the Bow river, final antidote to all our sufferings🥶🥶

      3. Ha ha ha as long as you don’t take a plunge yourself it’s fine 🙂

  3. If its that icy you really need your carbs. Its so hard towards the end of such a long winter, by brother is in Utah and he said there’s been so much snow. I hope the thaw comes soon with some warmth and sunshine to make you feel better. Hugs and love from the Southern Hemisphere <3

    1. Hmm winters can make you feel gloomy, with ice and all-you are confined indoors, for the last five months it’s been like that. Yeah Utah is cold too, hope you are brother is in high spirit. Sunshine can be mood enhanced and brighten up spirits. Love and hugs to you enjoy your sunshine 🌞 and some here ❤️

      1. He just loves skiing its why he spends winter in America he doesnt seem to get depressed like his sisters…i spent 3 winters in the UK and i really understand that winter heaviness and gloom.. take care of yourself xo

    1. No I’ve not, what is about? I don’t think so I can read for another two years or so till my kid grows up 😬

      1. Sure I’ll definitely read, I am actually from Himalayas… spent my childhood in those mountains 🏔 daydreaming and running! I’ve been trying to read a novel for the last couple of months but my little one wants all time to herself!

      2. Outstanding! I hope to step foot there at some point in my life. Did you have a good experience while there? -I completely understand concerning your little one 🙂

      3. Well my parents hail from the middle ranges of Himalayan mountains, so spent lot of time there ,it’s great there snow covered peaks, buddhist monasteries, … spread between India, Nepal and China… well of-course you have a little one too 👶, so you know!

    1. A priest’s walk is till temple, a tired woman’s walk till spa…. a seminary for exhausted and introspective 😬😬😬

      1. Mullah masjid tak jayega, sharabi mehkhsbr tak🤪🤪,or 1 vedesho main Rehne walli mohtarma spa tak 💄💅🏻

    1. Thanks for comforting words, yes eventually snow will melt and sun will shine. Hope you are having good time 🙂

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