a hand out of sea
Nature, poetry

Oh! Destiny

Oh ! destiny I’ve

been hit hard by

waves of rejection

A grain of sand

I know my worth,

I’ve been shown

seashore too many


Oh! Destiny tell me

it is not a Sisyphean


What I sought

I never got!

The mighty Gods

conspired cornered me to

the coast,ย I cried

pellucid tears


into salt sea-waters

solitary with the

dry wells and theย 

ruddy coasts!

Oh! Destiny, I

desire a drop

of those crystalline

waters that I can call

my own!

17 thoughts on “Oh! Destiny”

    1. Thanks a lot Ramayani, I am so glad that you felt it so. Thank you very much for your kind words ๐Ÿ™‚ you really made mayday!

    1. Coming from you it means a lot G, I am in debt of you for such high praises always! Love โคโค

    1. Thanks Wallace, I am so glad my words resonated. Although hydrophobic I am always fascinated by Sea hence metaphors :). Thanks for stopping by!

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